Onset of Menopause: Main Signs

Onset of Menopause: Main Signs

What to Focus On?

During the period of menopause the woman must consult the gynecologist at least twice a week, and these consultations will let detect some disturbance of functioning of systems and organs and remediate them.

The urgent medical consultation is required with the following symptoms:

• High pressure
• Abdominal pain
• Myoma
• Indurations in the breast and reproductive organs
• Disorders of urination
• Any vaginal bleeding
• Depression

Treatment, Prevention

Menopause is a natural process that is impossible to prevent. The onset of menopause requires the therapy that is aimed at the normalization of the functioning of the body that is subject to changes during this difficult period. Treatment consists of symptomatic tonic therapy and consultation with psychotherapist. The chosen method of treatment depends on the patient’s condition. With strong symptoms the substitution hormonal therapy that is aimed at the compensation for the ovarian failure is used.

If taking hormones is contraindicated for the woman because of her critical health condition, the non-hormonal treatment is prescribed. It is based on the complex of minerals, vitamins, homeopathic remedies and fitodrugs.

Vitamins help to normalize the metabolism in the body. Women need E and B vitamins more than others. Complexes that are rich with retinol, tocopherol, thiamine, colecalciferol, riboflavin, pyridoxine, cyanocobalamine, folic acid, biotin, panthothetic and p-aminobenzoic acid, ferrum, iodine, chrome, selenium and other elements are recommended.

Homeopathic remedies have a soothing and estrogen-like effect on the body. After taking it headache, sweating and irritability disappear, sleep is normalized and flashes become less pronounced. Drugs prescribed by the doctor eliminate unpleasant symptoms of menopausal syndrome and improve the woman’s quality of life.

The symptomatic therapy is aimed at the elimination of symptoms and the treatment for progressing disorders during menopause. For example, with high blood pressure such drugs as losartan are prescribed. Sleeping pills, soothing drugs and medicines diminishing blood sugar are prescribed if the woman suffers from insomnia, neurosis and diabetes respectively.

Treatment, Prevention

It is recommended to keep diet: consume cereals, fruit and vegetables, non-fat products, fermented milk and milk products. Caffeine, alcohol, pepper and mustard are forbidden.

With vaginal dryness it is recommended to use waters-soluble gels.

It is necessary to add herbs and berries to teas and tinctures.

Walking in the open air, swimming, cycling and jogging that do not require special physical efforts will help withstand menopause easier.

Myths Must Be Dispelled

The majority of people compensate a lack of knowledge for fictitious myths that provoke wrong stereotypes and fears. For many women menopause is a horror, boring old age and a lack of happiness in life. Ladies, Put aside these misconceptions and analyze the information given below.

Menopause is not an incurable disease. It is just another stage of life that every woman has to experience. And life does not end with it.

The childbirth at a later age has no influence on time of the onset of menopause. In fact, hassle and troubles connected with a baby push into the background all mother’s disorders and main signs of menopause. So, sometimes menopause is almost imperceptible.

With the onset of menopause pregnancy is quite possible. It is necessary to use regular contraceptives during one year after the last menstruation.

Hormonal swings during menopause can affect the health of the oral cavity so inflammations, periodontosis and bacterial “attacks” are possible. Moreover, the saliva production is reduced.

Menopause does not influence sexual pleasure. An impediment to the quality orgasm can be only deficient vaginal grease. But in this case women can use special moisturizing vaginal gels.

The sexual desire during menopause and after it stopped. The woman’s sexual activity lasts till 70 in average. Because of a lack of estrogens the discomfort during the sexual intercourse is possible as reproductive organs are diminished in size and atrophied and the shape and tone of the vagina are changed.

Myths Must Be Dispelled

Menopause can catch its “victim” at the age of 30 as well as 60 so the time of its onset is individual for each body.

During menopause it is impossible to turn from the model into the plump lady in no time. It is necessary to keep diet, reduce consumption of nutritious, fatty and smoked products. Instead, the diet must include fiber; the woman must work out more often and pay attention to physical activity. If not, the woman can experience obesity and sometimes even diabetes can progress.

Plump ladies experience menopause harder. The fact is that fatty tissue allocates oestrin slowing the metabolism.

With the onset of menopause some chronic disorders can appear and progress. During this period a risk of progression of cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis is quite high. Such problems are easy to prevent: it is necessary just to start the substitution hormonal therapy in time.

The woman can distress symptoms with medicine. Also it is necessary to keep healthy diet, do regular physical exercises, take contrast shower and walk in the open air.

Menopause is often called as “a change in life” or “the golden autumn” although this period is quite difficult for every woman. Unfortunately, the remedy for menopause has not been invented yet but preparing for the onset of it is a possible task for every woman. Just “know your enemy”, that is important.

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