Painted eyebrows: how to do it right

Painted eyebrows: how to do it right

Eyebrows are not the last attribute in the creation of beautiful makeup. Their design is becoming a true finishing touch.


And this procedure can be carried out with different tools:

• Pencil
• Shadows
• Powder
• Paint

The latter method is the most economical, the main thing to know how to paint eyebrows properly.

The first and important step is training

The golden rule of beautiful and complete image is groomed brows. And it is better to pay attention to them not occasionally, but every day. However, there is a universal tool that will save precious morning minutes – paint for the eyebrows. The result is stored for a long time, a second procedure is required only after 1.5 – 2 months. And there is no care for painted eyebrows every day. The only thing that still needs to be monitored –growing back hairs, which should be periodically pulled out.

Painting can be done in a beauty salon, or to entrust this matter to yourself, because the process is simple and easy to perform at home.


So you’ve decided to paint the eyebrows. Where do you start? Start with preparation. This stage has no difficulty, but is needed. And it includes the following manipulations:

1. Eyebrows correction. The fancy name hides the usual removal of superfluous hair in order to make the desired shape. The professional master will help; she\he will advise the perfect option for you and execute it efficiently and quickly. But if the trip to the salon is not familiar, do the procedures by yourself. Tools require the bare minimum:

• Sharp tweezers
• Good lighting (preferably daytime)

When finished, cut the places cleaned from the hairs with a disinfectant solution. It will remove the inflammation and save on entry of germs.

Eyebrows correction should be carried out a few hours before painting. But the lovely ladies with sensitive skin should better do it earlier, per day.

2. The paint selection. The range of tools for eyebrows is large, the eyes are full of bright packages. Each girl will easily find the one that suits her. And the question about the best thing for painting the eyebrows is not basic. Any paint is suitable. However, this should be the one which is only for the eyebrows. Remember, no other products can be used to paint the eyebrows.

3. Determination of color. The shade of paint for the eyebrows must match hair:

• Brunettes – black
• Fair – dark brown
• Blondes – light brown

You can change the saturation, mix paints to get a more appropriate color. There is always place for the experiments. Just do not do it in advance, but shortly before the painting process.

Many women are afraid to make the wrong choice of colors. You should be guided by a simple rule: the paint on 3 shades darker than hair, and all fear will go by the wayside. In this recommendation, we are talking about the hair color that you have now, and it does not matter, whether it is natural or made by means of staining. This, of course, in no way refers to extreme shades, which simply do not exist in nature. But out there, and out of this situation: the extravagant ladies should look for a suitable shade of tone and intensity by mixing different combinations. It is difficult to achieve such an ideal option, but possible. Do your best, because how natural painted eyebrows will look depends on it.

Elderly women also should not forget about the beauty of the eyebrows. Gray and colorless, they are deprived of any appeal, even once very expressive face.

To prevent such a development, thin and lost their color with time, eyebrows also need a little touch up.The following shades will suit:

• Brown
• Gray
• The combination of one of the colors with black

Step number 2 – performing appliances

Preparations are complete: eyebrows are adjusted; the paint is selected. Now it is painting itself. Rush is not necessary in this matter. There is no reason to be nervous too.

A little bit of free time and a detailed guide will help easily cope with this case without the advice of professionals.

1. Prepare the tools that will be required:

• The bowl of glass or plastic for the dilution and mixing of the paint
• Paint
• Brush (cotton swab, wooden spatula)
• Latex gloves
• Shroud
• Cotton pads
• Fat cream (vaseline)

Arrange things so that it would be convenient to use.

2. Put on protecting cloak.
3. Wash your hands.
4. Rinse the makeup with soap and water or gel.
6. Grease the area around the eyebrows with cream or vaseline.
7. Put on rubber gloves.
8. Dilute the paint in the bowl prepared for this. Remember: it gets darker not once, but gradually, so obey the proportions prescribed in the instructions.
9. Dip the brush into it.
10. Apply a thick layer on the eyebrows. Move on to the end of the bridge, not leaving the line. Do not worry if the skin will be colored, such a means is washed away easily. When applying lean forward slightly, this will help avoid flowing into the eyes.
11. Wait a certain time. The paint hardens in 10 minutes on average. For a darker shade, increase the interval.
12. Dampen a cotton pad and soap it.
13. Remove excess paint residues with it. If the substance has got on your skin, you can use products for washing waterproof mascara.
14. Wash with clean warm water.
15. Evaluate the result of the operation.

In winter, the paint lasts a long time: up to 60 days. You cannot say the same about the summer: no more than 30.

Henna is the right decision

The most harmless dye is henna. This natural product:

• Gives a stable result
• Takes care of eyebrows

Henna dyeing effect lasts a little less – up to 3 weeks. But there are no differences in the procedure, and it is easy to carry out on your own at home. Of all the varieties of henna for coloring eyebrows, Indian is frequently used, its color is brown.


So, we denote the steps of the procedure:

1. Mix hot water and henna to obtain homogeneous slurry, reminiscent of sour cream. For painting eyebrows, you’ll need only a few grams of such means.
2. Apply the mixture on the eyebrows. To avoid dark stains, it is better to remove the excess paint immediately with a damp cloth. If you wait for some time, it will be much more difficult to scrub it.
3. Coloring time depends on how intense the color you want, so chosen individually. To wash off the paint, start from the nose, and then go to the middle of the eyebrow and move on to its end.
Painting with henna gives an interesting color, which goes from light to darker shades. This effect is visually expands the eyebrow.

There is also colorless henna. It also can be used. Not only for painting, but for rehabilitation and maintenance. Regular use of the natural product will make your eyebrows beautiful and luxurious.

There are only two nuances, to keep in mind:

• Do not wipe the stain areas with tonics and lotions, which have alcohol in the composition. They adversely affect the paint and completely wash it away over time.
• Solarium, swimming in the sea or the pool will reduce the duration of henna painting action.

Caring for the painted eyebrows

It remains to find out one more important point: how to care for painted eyebrows? Are there any special techniques? In fact, there are no features in such care, and it is no different from that which should be carried out with uncoloured eyebrows. Here are its main components:

• Daily brushing. Get a special small brush for this procedure. For this purpose one can use a toothbrush. Commit neat movement in the direction of hair growth. This massage is an excellent tool for improving circulation.
• Use the ointment ‘Esvitsin’. Application procedure is simple: with a cotton swab on the eyebrows. Use of the product makes the hair shiny and strong.
• Overlaying compresses with olive and castor oil. Such masks are not recommended to apply more than 2 times per week. Heat oil on a water bath, soak the cotton pads and hold on the eyebrows for 7 minutes.
• Avoiding contact with direct sunlight.


General advice in the piggy bank

• Use only fresh paint.
• Safely dispose of excess paint, they will definitely not fit for another procedure in a month.
• When buying a product pay attention to its expiration date.
• Uncharacteristic odor may be produced by a defective product. The use of such dyes should be abandoned.
• Carry out a coloring not often than once in 30 days. Common procedures are fraught with loss of hair, dehydration, loss of gloss and density.
• In case of allergy, the use paint is recommended only in exceptional cases. Watch the reaction of the organism. If skin becomes red, swelling, tearing, thoroughly clean the face under running water.
• Those women who are prone to inflammation of the eyes should refuse the procedure.
• Tousled hair after a night out, can be put with a gel. Dip the brush left form the used mascara in the product and repeatedly draw on eyebrows.

The shape and density of the eyebrows fashion is changeable. One thing is certain: well-groomed eyebrows will always be at the top. Painting of the eyebrows at home without the help of a professional is quite real: it is easy and profitable in financial terms. Use the tips and stay always beautiful. And let luxurious eyebrows of suitable shade will be a luxurious decoration of your face.

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