Pajamas: an essential item of women’s wardrobe

Pajamas: an essential item of women’s wardrobe

Women’s pajamas is underwear designed for sleeping. Few know that not only comfortable sleep, but the overall impression of the night time depend on it.


The history of pajamas

History of pajamas begins in the Middle Ages, when all the rich people – men and women – wore nightgowns, in which they went to bed, under their daytime dresses. Poor people could not afford to buy this kind of clothes, so spent the night either in their daily attire, or nude.
These prototypes of modern pajamas were a kind of normal shirts of free cut with knee or ankle length, with sleeves or without them. On the head, they always put a cap on; then the clothes for sleeping were first of all a protection from the cold. Real pajamas appeared in the 19th century, but only for men. Fashion for Lingerie Sleep was introduced by Coco Chanel in the early 20th century.

Types of women’s pajamas

Today there are a huge amount of types and models of pajamas just like the materials from which they are made. Modern underwear for sleep is mainly represented by sets: free shirt with straight cut pants, shirt with breeches, shirts with shorts. Overalls for sleep of different lengths, and, of course, a variety of dresses are gaining momentum and popularity. Women’s pajamas are sewn from cotton, viscose, flannel, silk or other materials.

How to choose women’s pajamas?

The modern woman should have a few different models of pajamas in her wardrobe. For the winter season long flannel pants and a shirt work best, which will be comfortable to sleep in and you can not to be afraid of the cold, getting out from under the blanket in the morning.

Sometimes the girls not only spend the night in pajamas, but also do their household chores. For such cases, you can choose a comfortable cotton T-shirt and shorts. Often clothes made of cotton come with the addition of synthetic materials in order the product not to wrinkle, keep shape and would be worn longer time. Please note that the content of these substances shall not exceed 20%, or an allergic reaction may occur.

Silk short dress will be best for a romantic night with a man; it is not only pleasant to the touch: clinging tightly it remarkably emphasizes all the curves of the body. Short shorts with top with thin straps of the same material look equally seductive.

Pajamas should be comfortable. You can sleep in the clothes, which is loose, but if it is small, it is unlikely to be a comfortable sleep. The underwear of smaller size than it is required may harm health, squeezing the body and obstructing blood flow.

An important element in selecting pajamas is the quality of the item, material strength, and absence of protruding strands. Seams should be soft and thin. Modern designers offer seamless models; they are very comfortable, though, not cheap.

Color solution depends entirely on personal preference. Someone likes bright pajamas with interesting prints, someone on the contrary, prefer pastel colors. There is one recommendation – it is necessary to abandon the decorative excesses. Ruffles, sequins, rhinestones or beads can dig into the body and interfere with sleep. Small lace inserts or tiny bow will be enough to make the outfit seem playful and not dull.

Comfortable women’s pajamas is a pledge of good sleep, as a consequence, despite the variety of styles, shapes and materials, the main consideration when choosing this type of clothing should be comfort!

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