Palau – end of the world and paradise

Palau – end of the world and paradise

The soul asks to soak into the unearthly beauty and get a charge of excitement? ‘Black Islands’ or the archipelago of Palau and the Pacific are here to fulfill the dream.

Palau – end of the world and paradise

First people learned about the existence of Palau in 1543, thanks to Spanish navigators. The team met the natives, whose ancestors settled in the Pacific Islands. According to various versions, the first settlers are immigrants from the Philippines or those who came from the Sunda Islands.

Palau is more than 300-atoll islands, which are the based on the ancient submarine volcanoes, but only 9 islands are constantly inhabited by people. Big islands: Babelthuap (Babeldaob), Angaur, Koror, Peleliu.

The popularity of the islands was brought by fantastically unique underwater inhabitants (thousands of fish species), and the deep beauty and fabulous hats maze of islands, covered, like broccoli, with tropical forests.

Dive, you can find countless corals, more than a thousand species of fish, turtles, stingrays, manta rays, and schools of barracudas, snails, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, sea stars, anemones, jellyfish, squid, nautilus and wrecks.

Among the rare representatives living in Palau are the dugongs – endangered sea cows, clams – shellfish gigantic, saltwater crocodile.

Clear water allows you to enjoy underwater views of the islands the vertical walls, underwater tunnels, caves, blue halls, grottos and learn about the behavior of their inhabitants: cleaner shrimp, mandarin fish, nudibranchs, marlin, parrot fish and Napoleons.

Coral reefs are chosen by more than a hundred species of sharks (gray reef, leopard shark, bull, hammerhead, white-tip and black-tip), including endangered species. In 2009 in Palau the first global ‘Shark Sanctuary’ was created, where catch sharks for commerce is forbidden and excluded. The area of ‘Sanctuary’ is similar to the area of France.

All the attractions of Palau are underwater and surface splendor of the archipelago. The islands still have ancient waterfalls and jungle, inhabited by owls Palawan, Palawan pigeons and flying Palawan mouse.

Palau is a state far for Europeans, sea and air communications with it are weak. But you should definitely visit this emerald archipelago with all the sea creatures, to verify the existence of the underwater wonder of the world.

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