Party in the Greek style

Party in the Greek style

Theme party in the Greek style, which can make arranged at home, will help you to feel like a real gods of Olympus and the inhabitants of ancient Greece – a country of warm sun, the olives, strong men and beautiful women.

Party in the Greek style

Preparations to the party

In order for a party in the Greek style would have a success, you need to thoroughly prepare for it, read the necessary literature and myths. This will help to get acquainted with the culture of ancient Greece and organize a festive evening properly.

Each guest should be necessarily given an unusual invitation. It can be performed as a scroll with singed edges, tied with a piece of string or a satin ribbon. Before the party you must decide which character will be represented by each invitee. You can stand in the way of the gods (Zeus, Apollo, Dionysus, Hera, Aphrodite and Athena), nymphs, muses and heroes (Hercules, Odysseus and Achilles).

Styling and decoration of party venue

To the entire party guests feel like real celestials of Olympus, you need all the furniture to be covered with beautiful cloth of light blue, blue and white colors; put in the room enough chairs and a large table. On the walls you can hang paintings depicting ancient Greek life.
The room should supply with various large vases with fresh flowers and green branches of trees. From the painted cardboard, you can create something like columns and ruins of ancient temples.

Clothes for the party

Creation of a costume for a party in the Greek style is a snap. It is necessary for both men and women to put on coats – free garments of light matter. Garnish can decorated with embroidery with shiny threads and gilded brooches.

At the foot you have to wear simple sandals, the thin leather straps should be bended to them. At this party you can do even without shoes and just walk barefoot, as did the Greeks in ancient times.

Both men and girls can decorate hair with sprigs of laurel made from colored paper or fabric of green, silver or gold colors. Girls can make an elegant hairstyle in the Greek style in which to weave ribbons and fresh flowers.

Food and beverages for the party

At a party in the Greek style a variety of dishes, which include Feta cheese, olives, meats, fish and seafood, vegetables and fruits, should be. For snack a well-known traditional ‘Greek’ salad, souvlaki – small kebabs on skewers of various meats, marinated in a mixture of olive oil, spices and herbs and fried shrimp should be prepared. As main dish moussaka is suitable – a traditional

Greek dish of grilled meat and vegetables: potato, zucchini, eggplant and tomatoes.
For dessert, it is best to choose a sweet biscuits with honey, donuts, ice cream and various fruits. As for drinks, it is best to give preference to the red and white wine and juices.


At this party you can arrange a disco under the Greek music. All guests are sure to want to try to dance a traditional dance – Sirtaki. You can also arrange various competitions and quiz on knowledge of the ancient myths.

Then you can hold impromptu Olympic Games, and to all the winners to present a cute souvenirs and sweet surprises. And finally, should organize a photo shoot and afterwards relax watching the wonderful movie ‘Troy’.

Party in the Greek style will be enjoyed by the guests and will leave behind a lot of positive emotions and impressions.

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