Permanent make-up: your ideal appearance

Permanent make-up: your ideal appearance

Modern cosmetology offers many girls the opportunity to escape the daily application of cosmetics. The permanent makeup will help in this difficult matter.

Permanent make-up your ideal appearance

The essence of this procedure is that it uses natural color tools that accurately injected into the upper layers of the skin, virtually without damaging it, and make-up can be kept for a long time (up to five years). Permanent make-up will create the desired contour of the lips, eyebrows and eyes.

Lip tattoo will adjust the shape and shade at the same time making them more attractive and spectacular. The choice of colors is quite varied, as there is the opportunity to mix pigments in different ratios. You can get natural shade or bright saturated color.

If you want to visually increase or decrease the shape of the lips, then you should apply the contour of a little above or below the natural. This procedure does not last long, for about two or three hours, but the effect is stunning and you can freely forget about deliquescent lipstick or pencil, which often breaks down. Modern technologies allow to not disturbing the natural shape of the lips by applying the tattoo.

The girl who is tired of constantly tweezing the eyebrows will appreciate eyebrows tattoo. Incidentally, this procedure is considered to be the most simple, as compared with others.

Tattooing is applied in different ways: the individual lines drawing new contours or completely repeating the natural eyebrows and every hair. The shape and thickness can be any, it all depends on your desire and face type. As a result, the eyebrows will turn out perfectly symmetrical, because this lacks almost all the girls from the nature.

Tattoo of the eyelids will let you forget what eyeliner is and perfectly accentuate the shape of the eye. Mostly it is applied to the upper edge of the eyelid. The greater the applied eyeliner, the more eyes will increase. To create the most appropriate tattoo, the master must take into account the shape of the eyes, face shape and lifestyle of women.

Permanent make-up technology has quite a number of advantages:

– It helps to hide facial imperfections and help look chic;
– It saves time (no need to use cosmetics and makeup applied on a daily basis);
– Resistance to water procedures, you can freely swim in the pool, take a shower or sauna;
– The ability to make a mole or freckle on the place where it never existed;
– No more having to constantly pull out your eyebrows;
– Decides serious health problems if a person suffered chemotherapy and has no eyelashes or eyebrows – this is not a problem, using the right technology everyone can create permanent makeup similar to thick hair; camouflage of scars or spots; hides congenital lip defects; it helps with dropping out of eyebrows and eyelashes; after mastopexy gently correct shape of a nipple; will hide minor damage of face after plastic surgery;
– Remarkable change any configuration of the lips or eyebrows;
– Does not cause allergic reactions, as compared with decorative cosmetics.

The basis of this procedure is the strict adherence to implementation of equipment: the proper application of the pigment and the depth of the puncture, perfectly smooth line and an even coloration.

Try to treat permanent make-up responsible and contact only qualified personnel, who fulfill all requirements, will use special instruments and, if necessary, antiseptics rules.

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