Piercing: Beauty requires sacrifice?

Piercing: Beauty requires sacrifice?

The desire to adorn themselves was typical for a person at all times. Before punctures on the body were made mainly of religious, occult, a status reasons. Over time, the idea to divide people in this way ceased briefly. By the beginning of the century there were only holes in the ears, which will not surprise anyone.

Piercing Beauty requires sacrifice

The rapid development of a variety of informal flows and parallel development of technology has given rise to a variety of types of piercings. Modern young people pierce almost all parts of the body. New materials used for jewelry and tools made piercing relatively safe.

Types of piercing

  • Piercing of a face. You can pierce any face area that you want, but you must remember about obligatory aesthetic form. Piercing looks good on a young and bright face with sufficiently unusual image. Eyebrow, nose wing, lip, cheek (one or two symmetrically) are pierced mostly.
  • Body Piercing. This kind of puncture is simpler in that it can be easily covered with clothing. It has not too active influence on the image of a man, but is only an additional ‘highlight’. Navel piercing is the most popular among girls. It is nice to heal, and the choice of jewelry is very high. In addition, both men and women often pierce nipples. In general, the ring or post can be inserted to any part of your body.
  • Piercing in the mouth cavity. This is puncture of the tongue, as well as bridles and palate. It is quite painful, as painkillers are not used on the mucosa, but there are enough of nerve endings. Problems with healing can also occur.
  • Intimate piercing. Do only adults. It is very painful and difficult to heal; has the highest number of negative consequences.

Harm from piercing

If the piercing was done in a reliable master-hand, competently and accurately, it would not cause harm. Problems usually arise after puncture. Their main reason is the wrong care or incorrectly picked earring / bar for healing.

But there may be other problems associated with piercing:

  • Allergic reaction to the material – in this case it is recommended to replace the earring;
  • Rejection – skin ‘pushes’ a foreign object, leaving an ugly scar;
  • Social problems. Not everyone is ready to perceive man with piercings. You may experience problems when applying for a job that requires compliance with the dress code.

The idea of the piercing is to approach thoroughly considering all options and consequences. But the main plus of piercing – it is always possible to be removed.

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