Proper meals mean ideal figure

Proper meals mean ideal figure

Regular three meals or fractional meal called greyzing is the main issue of women stick to the diet for the sake of an ideal figure. Nutritionists answer what the advantages and disadvantages of both methods are and which rules on the way to the attainment of the desired shape are necessary to observe.

Proper meals mean ideal figure

Three meals a day
Balanced three meals a day is the principle of weight loss clinics. According to this belief, the breakfast provides 35% of the body energy, lunch gives 45% of the daily food norms and dinner – 25%.

What is the benefit of meals?
1. Systematic meal is the coherence of the biological clock.
This is how the normalized production of hormones and digestive enzymes to ensure effective absorption of food happen.
2. Three meals a day are the reason for the proper distribution of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.
According to the principle, breakfast consists of carbohydrates, lunch of fats and dinner of easy protein-carbohydrate meals. In the morning you can eat pastries, butter, jam, the noon is for eating vegetables, meat and dessert, in the evening it’s time for treating yourself with salad, soup or lean poultry with fish.

What are the disadvantages?
1. Meals on schedule are a myth for office workers.
Business center employees find it hard to have their meals at the same time due to the constant workload. In the best case, meal is limited by having a snack in the form of coffee and baking, at worst – the office staff is left hungry.
2. At three meals a day the amount of food consumed is greater than when having a snack.
The blood sugar level depends on the intervals of food intake. The longer the time gap, the lower the level of sugar. Accordingly, the hunger becomes greater and the size of the portion larger.
3. The body does not receive the necessary vitamins and minerals.
With such regulations it is difficult to get the necessary nutrients. The shortage of useful elements causes weakness, lethargy, and the formation of fatty deposits in the body. It is possible to deal with negative effects by eating vitamin complexes and limiting the size of the portions.

Myths and truth about greyzing
Greyzing is a fractional meal. Five meals a day secret is simple: each portion weighs 200 grams, fits in a glass and is taken every 3 hours. Plus of such a regime is the absence of hunger.

What is the benefit of a meal?
1. Snacks mean fewer calories.
The body needs fewer calories when meals are frequent. Firstly, the blood sugar level is optimum. Secondly, the output of hormone ghrelin responsible for hunger is prevented.
2. Fractional meal means normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract.
At three meals a day gives stomach two times bigger amount of blood needed for digestion. Greyzing makes the same person feel cheerful and functional, because he/se does not feel a hunger and overeating.
3. Due to greyzing the sleep pattern becomes normal.
The pawn of a harmony is a normal sleep pattern, and the principle of normal sleep pattern is fractional meal. Greyzing promotes the production of the hormone melatonin which is responsible for burning fat.

What are the disadvantages?
1. Greyzing doubles the risk of caries.
For those who are working, there is no opportunity to brush their teeth 5 times a day. To reduce the risk of diseases of the oral cavity, chewing gum should be used.
2. Only healthy foods are good for a snack: fermented baked milk, dried fruit, oatmeal, nuts in moderation. Sweets, juices containing sugar, crisps are a taboo.

What is the result?
According to nutritionists, you can attain desired proportions with both power systems. The main thing is to know the rules. If you are measured and conservative person three meals a day are enough for you. If you are constantly on the move and do not have the possibility to eat on the clock, few light snacks will be enough for you.
Go slim with the mind and remember that beauty depends on proper meals and exercise!

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