Properly packed suitcase gives the perfect vacation!

Properly packed suitcase gives the perfect vacation!

There is familiar situation for a lot of people – vacation, leaving tomorrow, and the bags are not packed yet. You can’t take all you want. And the choice becomes a painful running around the apartment. To avoid such trouble, first you should choose the right suitcase, that combines all the best qualities: safety, functionality, lightness, mobility. Regardless of where you are going to go: sea, or tour to major cities, some things are necessary in any trip.

Properly packed suitcase gives the perfect vacation

The most important thing

The kit of necessary documents should be put in a transparent folder with a lock, so you don’t have to search long. And it will protect from possible damage. Money, credit cards, all gadgets and a folder with documents should be in hand luggage.

First aid and toiletries

The main thing is not to forget the medications and the required tonometer and blood glucose meter. A small kit of analgesic, antipyretic and the drug for normalization of the gastrointestinal tract should also be with you, as well as bactericidal plaster and any antiseptic. The bag should be filled with a minimum of cosmetics (of course, if you are not going at the carnival) and toiletries in the “probe” format that will save space. You will be provided be all that’s necessary or you can buy it.

Clothes and shoes

It’s clear that you can’t take everything with you. The best solution is to select a few favorite items that can be combined with each other. Prefer things, that are light, quick drying and you shouldn’t be ironed. Pair of sneakers, sandals and light sabot – that will be enough. If someone can’t live without high heels, then you can take sandals or open shoes.

How to pack everything

Start packing the suitcase with the shoes, which are packed in bags at the bottom of the suitcase. Then the “layer” of clothes comes – tight ones should be at the bottom, and the light – at the top.

And the top row consists of first aid kit, cosmetic bag and toiletries. Chargers, hair dryer, umbrella and other details should be put together in different packages and placed on the edges of the suitcase or in special compartments.

Tip: try to pack calmly, without panic and nerves. Write a list of needed items, cross out the half and leave the most necessary things. So on vacation you will protect yourself from unpleasant surprises, such as forgotten things or suitcase with “dead weight”.

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