Rekindling the Flame in Your Bedroom

Rekindling the Flame in Your Bedroom

After awhile, it’s inevitable that the intense sexual passion that existed in the beginning of your relationship will diminish. No matter how in love you are, children, careers, and a number of other things can cause you and your partner to push romance to the bottom of the to-do list. When this has been going on for too long, you need to take a proactive attempt to make the loving a priority.

So, drop the kids off at grandma’s for the weekend, turn off the cell phones, stop at your favorite adult store, and light the candles.

How do I know what to buy for me and my partner?

Have fun with it! Take your partner to the store with you. You can take a look around together, laugh at the things that seem extreme or silly, and point out the things you like. The most important thing here is to pay attention to your partner. What are they drawn to? What do they keep mentioning? That might be exactly what you want.

Also, be sure to be vocal about what you want. If you’re interested in trying a butt plug, bring it up! Say something and see what your partner says. Also, look into things that are new for you as a couple. However, don’t forget to pick up some of the basics, as well!

Rekindling the Flame in Your Bedroom

How do I set the mood?

Now that you’ve made the time and you have the goodies, you need to set the mood.

The most important thing about setting the mood is putting in effort. Your partner will be turned on when they see how much you tried to turn them on. Be sure to light the candles, draw a bath, take care of your own physical appearance, and give them a massage with sensual oils. When they see how much you’ve done for them, they’re sure to return the favor.

Rekindling the Flame in Your Bedroom

We’ve done it all. Now what?

It’s just not true. And if you’ve really done it all, when was the last time you parked somewhere and got in the backseat of your car? Have you done it in public recently? What toys are missing from your collection? You may have used a dildo on your partner, but is there a more intense one that you can try? There are also a number of different games you can play with your partner. Many of them you probably saw at your local adult shop. When was the last time that you watched your partner pleaseure themselves? Do a sexy photo shoot, try costumes you’ve never tried before, make a porno, swap your usual roles, and, if all else fails, spend extra time doing your old favorites.

Whatever you do, though, do not assume that there is nothing left to make your love life hot again.

Rekindling the Flame in Your Bedroom

What if the connection still doesn’t seem to be there?

During this process, do not forget the romance. It can not only be about the sex. Look at old pictures of each other when you first started dating, make a romantic dinner, or write a romantic note reminding your partner exactly how much you love them and why. When your partner realizes that you don’t only want sex, you also want to express your love, it’ll be hard not to fall in love all over again.

Love and romance take effort, but they are also a lot of fun. The effort will be worth it when you see the pleasured smile on your partner’s face. Even more worth it is when they look at you like when you first met again.

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