Renovate your Home with Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Renovate your Home with Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Whether you’re bored with the old looks of your abode or want to increase its market price, home improvements and renovation not only renew the looks of your home, but it can also make every nook and corner of your home more functional. With some small and cosmetic changes, you can transform your entire property into a fresh, inviting home with the least efforts and expense.

Renovate your Home with Decorative Ceiling Tiles

A good combination of simple tips and renovation strategy, will keep both your mind and wallet in good health throughout the renovation process.


Paint is the cheapest and the easiest way to give a fresh and clean change to a room. It’s not expensive to add a fresh coat of paint, but going too bold or to dramatic will cost you more.


Patterns, texture and color can add a breath of fresh air to your renovation plan. Spectacular colors of fabric can give wall hangings, divider screens, cushions and throws to a whole new life.


Subtle and indirect lighting is a tool that has the power to make or break an interior scheme. You can add a whole new atmosphere to an interior scheme. A good rule of thumb is to use the right type of light fitting in the right position. Dark areas of rooms can be brought to life with a simple lamp or back lights that can double as a feature as well as LEDs.


Flooring renovation is a handy feature that must perform well and stand the test of time. Traffic patterns wearing into your floor and thread-bare carpets are major red-alert to you asking for renovation. There is no need to renovate the floor of the whole house. Consider the prominent areas of house like main entry and lounge that could be enough to create a dramatic visual impressions.


Ceiling is quite often overlooked aspect of house renovation plan. As people don’t realize the potential that it has to renovate a place. If flooring, walls, and exterior work all of these features are fresh and new and the ceiling remains overlooked, the house may still look outdated. On the other hand, a new, up-to-date ceiling and lighting can be the final that adds the finishing touch to your remodel.

On the other hand, an exceptional roof and lighting might be the last step that completes the finishing touch to your renovation.

Ceiling might be spruced up to impact the atmosphere of a room. There is an amazing product in the market that many people are starting to discover to meet the needs of their home ceiling renovation needs. This amazing product is called ceiling tile.

Types of Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling tiles are available in many different materials, sizes and thicknesses. Such tiles are made to fit into a grid system called suspended or drop ceiling and capable of fasten directly to the roof. There are many typed available in the market, but the most popular types are cork, plastic, acoustical and tin.

Acoustical ceiling Tile has sound absorption properties, therefore very helpful to reduce noise. Great acoustic tiles are produced using spun mineral fibers or with a blended mixture of fiberglass and starch. Wood fiber isn’t as alluring for acoustical tile as it doesn’t generally wear well in moist atmospheric conditions. The conventional color of these tiles are white, yet light black, blue and beige are likewise available. Acoustical tile is a good choice for TV lounge, kitchen basement or for the rooms dedicated to music. Sound protection of these tiles varies with thicknesses and brands, so this should be bought carefully.

Plastic Ceiling Tiles are available in a large selection of different colors and shapes and offer a great diversity for those on a budget. Such tiles are made to be fire safe. Some of these tiles give the look of embossed tin tiles, while actually having metallic finish. Molded plastic is used to make these artificial that usually comes with decorative flower patterns and crown like borders. Other types of plastic tiles have different solid colors and stone looks. They’re quite affordable with low price and provide good ceiling insulation.

Genuine Tin Ceiling Tiles are not easy to afford, but looks very beautiful as they add a shiny look to the ceiling. Proper tools are needed to cut tin tiles as they are not easy to cut. Other metallic tiles made from different metals such as steel, copper and brass are sometimes referred to as tin tile. A large variety of these tiles are available with matt, shiny and embossed finish. Though metal tiles are old-fashioned yet they are frequently used in commercial as well as residential interiors as decorative ceiling tiles.

Cork ceiling Tiles are quite easy to install and considered to be eco-friendly as well decorative. Their waxed or un-waxed ranges are available in the market. In cork tiles, waxing highlights the surface and color as well as adding gloss to them. Unfinished cork tiles are not a bad choice they can add a natural stylish look to ceilings. Cork insulation tiles are popular for good insulating qualities and are thick with a dark brown color.

Coffered Tiles are mostly usedinsuspended or drop ceilings. These tiles stick out above the ceiling line in case of a drop ceiling.

Filler Tiles are used for cutting and filling in ceilings around the edges. These tiles are thin with a subtle texture.

Maintenance of Ceiling tiles

Maintenance of these tiles is inexpensive and easy. Ceiling tile may be heavy or lightweight. They can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth or vacuumed. Paint is another renovation option for Acoustic Ceiling Tiles.

Whatever type of tiles you choose for your ceiling, following steps should be taken carefully

  • Right type of the tile selection from a wider range that can fulfil your needs.
  • Understand the installation process precisely.
  • Work with the tile adhesives properly.

Before purchasing ceiling tiles, it is essential for you to take the time to research the distinctive types available in the market and also determine where they are to be installed.

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