Rest in Dominican Republic

Rest in Dominican Republic

Soft climate, white sand beaches, beautiful sceneries, crystal-clear sea with various coral reefs and fascinating fauna attract tourists from all over the world to spend their vacation in Dominican Republic. Its resorts are favorite places for USA, Canadian and Latin American citizens.

Rest in Dominican Republic

Climate and weather

Humid temperate climate covers the whole territory of Dominican Republic. Hot weather is not suffocating there because of mild sea-breezes and trade winds.

Wet season begins in May and ends in September. Frequent but not lasting downpours occur there in wet season and sometimes in November and December. From July till August the territory of the country is exposed to hurricanes. Dry and warm weather is for the last time of the year in Dominican Republic. The better time for vacation is from December till April.

Resorts and beaches

Dominican Republic has five famous resort zones. Each of them is described below.

Punta Cana is located in the south of the island. This rest zone is well-known for the best beaches in the country and its splendid coral reefs. Punta Cana is the greatest place for the family rest. There is more than 30 kilometers of beaches in Punta Cana.

Puerto Plata attracts vacationers by its beautiful sceneries. It is located in the northern part of the island. Puerto Plata offers such resorts as Playa Dorada with its own clubs and golf courses, Cabarete – the place for windsurfers and young people, and Sosua – the best spot for quiet rest.

La Romana offers a huge resort complex – Casa de Campo. It is one of the leading resorts of Caribbean Sea. La Romana resorts are famous for their magnificent underwater world and not crowded beaches. That’s why La Romana is the best place for divers and families with children.

Boca Chica has unique lagoon, white sand beaches and nice places for diving. Coral reefs formed lagoon of Boca Chica and that’s why it is so famous. This rest zone is often chosen by tourists because it is located only in 30 kilometers away from the capital of Dominican Republic.

Juan Dolio is usual sea resort in the southeast of the island. Such resort is the best place for those who like urban rest because it is the nearest spot to the capital – Santo Domingo.

Safety measures

Tourists should be a little bit cautious not to spoil their vacation in Dominican Republic.

Stomach upset is the main problem which may spoil vacation at Dominican resorts. Tap water is not for drinking there. It’s better to wash fruit or brush teeth with boiled water. Dishes of national cuisine should be chosen carefully because spiced meal is unusual for tourists’ stomachs and may cause stomach upset. Fruit bought at a market place should be washed with a lot of water.

Local insects are not venomous but if such stings occur they may upset vacationers. So it’s better to have anti-infective agent in your bag to debride little wounds.

Let your vacation be unforgettable!

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