Rhodes Island: Greece’s jewel

Rhodes Island: Greece’s jewel

The Greek island of Rhodes is one of the most beautiful and interesting islands in the Mediterranean. Its history is directly related to ancient Greek myths; for 35 centuries of its history Rhodes has experienced many conquests and expansions, the Byzantines, the Romans, the Persians, the Arabs, and even the Knights of St. John owned it. Each era has left its mark; on Rhodes architectural and cultural monuments of each of the stages of its ancient history are still preserved.

Rhodes Island Greece’s jewel

The geographical and climatic data of Rhodes

No wonder that a variety of dynasty and empire wanted to own Rhodes, because it is no exaggeration is a gem of Dodecanese archipelago and the biggest of all its islands. Tours to Rhodes might interest a variety of categories of tourists, from the fans of soaking up the beach and scuba diving to lovers of historical and cultural monuments.

Rhodes is located between two seas – the Aegean and the Mediterranean, and for this reason, here are the very different beaches. On one side of the island stretches strip of sandy beaches, and on the other side there is the rocky coast and picturesque rocky bottom. Weather in Rhodes has a mild character, winters are warm with temperatures up to 20 degrees, the coldest time is from January to March (average 12 degrees), probably only in this period people are not bathe. Since April, active warming begins and the first daredevils open the swimming season in May. Summer in Rhodes lasts six months, from April to October, the average temperature of 25 degrees; in the summer months, the thermometer can rise to 40. Thanks to the fresh breath of the sea, this heat is easy enough.

Places for the rest and Attractions

Rhodes Holidays is different in that you can combine beach activities and amusement leisure with extensive cultural and historical program. The island’s capital of the same name is divided into two opposite part: the historical cultural center and the modern superbly equipped seaside resort.

The most significant part of the historical half of the city is Rhodes fortress, which stretches for 4 km, has 11 gates and is a unique architectural monument of the Middle Ages. The heart of the Rhodes fortress is Grandmaster’s Palace – a historic building perfectly preserved from the time of the Order reign of the island, the fortress walls and floors are decorated with beautiful mosaics and coats of arms of the Knights of Rhodes.

Tourists, who wish to get in touch with an ancient history, should visit the Acropolis of Lindos. This city was built 3000 years ago; from the former greatness of the ancient Greek temple of Athena and Zeus, amphitheatres only picturesque ruins with columns and part of the walls has remained, but even they can be used to judge about the beauty and value of the former city. According to legend famous statue of the Colossus of Rhodes was established in Lindos. Almost every town on the island keeps monuments of different eras of history of the island; there are the Ottoman mosque, early Christian and Catholic churches, museums and galleries, monasteries and fortresses.

Dance night life of the island is concentrated, of course, in the capital; for fans of noisy parties and discos several clubs and dance bars are open. Entertainment centers on the beaches are equipped with amusements and pleasure yachts; the most famous center of beach entertainment is Water Park in Faliraki. Those wishing to relax will like unspoiled sandy beaches of Kallithea, Kolymbia and Faliraki. For the fans of outdoor activities it is better to buy a ticket to Rhodes with the rest on the Aegean coast. In the cities of Ixia and Ialyssos, located on the rocky shore, everyone can dive and windsurfing.

Rhodes Island is a wonderful place where you can find rest for every taste and enjoy spectacular views of the coast, delicious local cuisine, touch the ancient history and get a lot of positive impressions.

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