Ring with emerald: bright decoration of stylish ladies

Ring with emerald: bright decoration of stylish ladies

Emerald – a gem of greenish color; palette ranges from deep green to light green color of grass. Natural stones often have splits, cracks and thin veins. Emerald is a relatively fragile stone; it can deform when exposed to high temperatures or compression, and therefore requires careful handling.


More than half of all emeralds are now produced in Colombia. There are deposits of precious stones in Egypt, Brazil, United States, Zambia, Russia, India and some other countries. The jewelers are eager to produce the rings and other decorations with emeralds.

How to choose and what to combine emerald ring with?

Since the stone has many shades, choose the option of right color is not difficult. Bright, saturated colors are suitable for brunettes; blondes should choose bright and translucent shades. Emerald is an excellent property; it is equally well with all metals (red, yellow and white gold, platinum or silver).

Young girls should choose rings with stones of small size – it will accentuate their freshness and youth. Large stones look better on more respectable ladies. For more noble and elegant image it is enough to choose the outfit of discreet colors, straight lines without unnecessary decoration, adding to its embellishment with emerald.

Healing properties

It has long been believed that gemstones have healing properties. In particular, the emerald helps with insomnia and other neurological disorders, stomach problems and urinary system, relieves headache and joint pain.

Magical properties

Emerald is a symbol of life, purity and chastity. This gem is the mascot of travelers, explorers, scientists, philosophers, artists and mothers. It has long been believed if a girl the entire pregnancy carries a talisman with her, she will easily give birth to a healthy baby.

It is believed that an emerald strengthens memory, gives fortitude guard to meet with the wild animals, eliminate the negative, develops intuition and eloquence and protects the family hearth. Emerald is a stone of Gemini, Taurus, Cancers, Scorpio and Pisces. It is not recommended to wear jewelry with this gem for Capricorns and Virgos.

Care for the ring with emerald

Rings with emeralds should be stored separately from other jewelry to avoid scratching the stones; as a last resort, you can wrap them with a soft cloth. Prolonged exposure of the product under the sun can cause tarnishing of stones, as well as household products, lotions and hand creams.

To clean it is enough to leave the jewelry in a container of soapy water for the night. In the morning rinse it with running water and clean the surface with a soft cloth, but not strongly rub the product to avoid damaging the stones.

Ring with emerald emphasizes the individuality of style and sophistication of the image. This jewel definitely will not go unnoticed; at the same time it is universal and is always in fashion!

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