Roman curtains (blinds) – the decoration for any interior

Roman curtains (blinds) – the decoration for any interior

Every woman dreams to have in her house the “highlight” that will surprise and delight. And Roman curtains certainly can be such “highlights” — made of fabrics, elaborately selected by color and texture. Reading the history of the curtains, you may wonder, how long ago they were invented, and how they get the urgency only in the present time.

Roman curtains (blinds) – the decoration for any interior

Roman curtains look original on the windows, plus they are very compact, that is perfect not only for windows in large rooms, but for small studio apartments, where they will not take up much space.

The principle of work

Roman curtains are similar to blinds by the raising and lowering mechanism. With the help of the lift cord you can adjust the level of sun protection. They fit perfectly in any interior, they can be installed properly on the frame or outside the window. The distance between the eaves for the curtains and the window frame must be at least 30 cm, otherwise there will be difficulties with the window opening inside. For lovers of classic style, it should be noted that Roman blinds look great with valances and curtains.

By your own hands

It’s easy to sew such curtains yourself. A piece of cloth, stitched, so that the bottom forms a coulisse, into which you will insert the weighting. Velcro hem should be sewed to the upper end. On the reverse side at equal distance from each other you should do firmware, in which pass the cords. All cords must be inserted into the top and bottom rings. To conveniently pin the curtains on the desired level, use the clothing clip for the laces. It is possible to sew a curtain on the lining that will hide all the details.

The curtain is ready; it remains only to fix it on the ledge

Curtain rod for Roman curtains can made from a normal block of wood, or you can buy a ready-made profile with the shaft and lifting blocks. For those who don’t want to mess with laces, it is possible to buy an electric or remote control cornice.

What to sew with?

The choice of fabrics for Roman curtains is quite wide. As the curtains are affected by the direct sunlight, the tissue can lose elasticity and become brittle over some time. To avoid this, it is best to use a stiff fabric, impregnated with a special compound. Fabrics with a pattern look pretty attractive. When choosing a fabric, be aware that the curtains are folded horizontally. Therefore, it is better to use a fabric with a small pattern: gingham or vertical stripes.

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