Romantic Holyday: Seychelles

Romantic Holyday: Seychelles

Seychelles are the synonym for the word “romanticism”. Seychelles can be compared with an unforgettable fairytale, the world of flowers and paradise for lovers. These islands are considered to be a museum of exciting history of pirates. Here you can meet a great diversity of the animal and vegetable world.


After dipping into the depth of seawaters you’ll definitely find treasures of sunken ships. Beaches are covered with fine coral dust that is so soft like fluff. In Seychelles tourists are welcomed and feel at home. To get the full sea of impressions it’s better not to sit on one place, so just travel from one island to another by motor boat or by ferry. Every island will fascinate you with its ethereal beauty.

Beaches in Seychelles are considered to be the most ecological and cleanest in the world. Excellent weather and favorable climate will give you an opportunity to relax throughout the year. The most appropriate season to visit the islands is the end of spring or autumn.

Seychelles is the most wonderful place for holiday, tourism, swimming and walking along Cote d’-Azur in the scarlet sunset. Reserves located on the territory are UNESCO sites. To plunge into the atmosphere of prehistoric forests which haven’t still been affected by the civilization, visit Aldabra. The main pride of this reserve is sea turtles. The impressions you’ll get visiting Albadra are worth spending time on it.

Those who constitute themselves a keen fisherman must certainly take a trip to Seychelles as these islands are real fishing paradise. You’ll be so excitable and will get a rich haul of exotic fish. You can buy or even hire all necessary fishing gear directly on the island.

While visiting Seychelles pay particular attention to the local cuisine that can surprise you not only with dessert made of Maldive coconut but also with nut liqueur. The cuisine is notable for seafood and different desserts of any fruits of the world. In the morning you can please yourself with excellent fresh.

Also in Seychelles you shouldn’t worry that you need obtain vaccinations as there isn’t malaria. All islands are situated out of cyclical zones. They are the visa-free country. Here it’s not necessary to know the Creole language because locals know French and English very well. Every person must visit a piece on earth of paradise at least once a lifetime!

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