Romantic style in the interior

Romantic style in the interior

Interior design in the romantic style is perfect for those who appreciate the refined, luxurious and at the same time cozy and relaxed atmosphere in the house. It can be selected as the primary design decision for the whole house or be present only in one of the rooms. Mostly romance is suitable for bedrooms, nurseries, bathrooms and living rooms. The rooms furnished in this tender style position to rest and expression of the warmest emotions.

Romantic style in the interior

The main components of the romantic style in the interior

– Discreet pastel shades. There only bright and warm shades must be present. The most common are colors like white, beige, soft brown, green, blue and pink. You can combine two or three shades, but the transition should be smooth and harmonious.

– The predominance of natural materials in the finishing. It is better to give preference to wood and stone. Textured plaster, marble are selected for the decoration of some of the elements. These materials give the room an extra volume and are perfectly combined with each other.

– A large number of fabrics. A variety of curtains, canopies, tablecloths, bedspreads, lampshades and cloth napkins are compulsory components of the decoration of the room in a romantic style. It is advisable to choose light, flowing textiles with delicate colors.

– Beautiful, unusual furniture. Sets made of wood with carved legs and backs, delicate forged-iron fixtures and drapery fabric will fit such interior. Covers can be used for chairs and armchairs.

When you create a romantic style of a country house, fine wicker furniture would be a perfect solution for the kitchen and loggia.

– Floral ornament. It is encouraged both in textiles and in the decoration of the walls, for example, on the wallpapers. The main thing is that the drawings would be discreet and blend in well with each other. Fresh flowers in vases look great.

– The presence of additional lighting. Sure its presence in every important corner of the room. On the coffee table near the chair you can put a floor lamp or a small lamp with a soft light, and above the head of the bed you can hang a sconce. Dim light is welcomed wherever it may be necessary.

– A lot of decorative accessories. Space can be filled with souvenirs such as unusual dishes, figurines, busts, carved candlesticks, bookends, shaped photo frames, beautifully decorated paintings, vases and various mirrors. Plants in beautiful pots will advantageously revive the rooms of a house. Do not leave decorating sofas, armchairs without attention. For this purpose, numerous pillows, cushions are used. Here it is necessary to know the sense of proportion and not to overload the room with incompatible objects.

Since romantic interior does not recognize the multi-functionality neither in any space, nor in furnishings, spacious rooms with the ability to create separate areas for relaxation and privacy are ideal for it. However, while respecting the basic rules of registration, you can create a similar design, even in small apartments.

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