Rules for the choice of wedding bouquet

Rules for the choice of wedding bouquet

The celebration of marriage implies harmony in all things, regardless of the scale of the festival. Wedding bouquet and all kinds of floral arrangements complement the image of the bride. Bouquet can be in a variety of forms – from classical compositions to a more complex and sophisticated. Although the form is not the deciding factor in choosing the bouquet many brides turn to florists for simple spherical bouquet that will look gorgeous thanks to the imagination of the master and details, for example, inscriptions or drawings of small flowers.

Rules for the choice of wedding bouquet

Bouquets-bags are original, but are not always appropriate, despite their interesting appearance. It is important to consider all the options and choose the perfect, perfect for the style of the wedding, not to look silly and pretentious.

If we consider the matter from the astrological point of view, much depends on the sign of the zodiac of the bride and colors chosen correctly. For example, water signs are advised to adhere to tulips, chrysanthemums and lilies, and the signs of the earth are better to opt for scarlet roses and aromatic flower clusters. If the bride refers to the signs of fire, then the small and light colors will fit. Air signs should use dark and large flowers, exotic plants are allowed.

Many factors are important to consider in the preparation of a flower arrangement, but the main ones are the flavor and time of the year, which the celebration will be held in. An important point is the colors of flowers. Summer weddings allow any flowers, the autumn season is ruled by aster and gladiolus, and in winter, light and cool shades will look nice.

The bride’s appearance is not the last criterion in the choice of colors. Gentle colors fit blond girls, brunettes look good with bright and saturated, and brown-haired women may choose a warm color. Type figure and complexion will also be determining factors. Slim slender young ladies will be perfect with the same modest and small constructions. More stately beauties should pay their attention to the elongated shape and the round shapes will fit owners of magnificent forms.

Details and decorative elements will help the compositions sparkle with new colors. You can use crystals, silk ribbons and pearls. It is important to approach to the choice wisely and do not spoil the look of the bouquet and the bride.

It often happens that the bride and groom have no time to compose the bouquet themselves. In this case, they can turn to an experienced master, who will decorate the wedding and put the bother off the newlyweds.

Whatever the wedding bouquet, it all the guests, present at the celebration, will still remember it; the camera will preserve the overall picture for years to come.

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