Safari style clothes

Safari style clothes

The safari style is from the hot Africa. Travelers and hunters of wild animals were necessary to have comfortable and functional clothing, so items made in Safari style, do not hold down movements. They are practical and are made only from natural materials.

Safari style clothes

In the 20th century, this style came to the fashion catwalks, when a young Yves Saint Laurent created a model of a Safari jacket with the solid matter on the lace and four oversized patch pockets.

Safari-style clothing has become a symbol of sophisticated urban chic in the 60-ies of the last century. And in the 21st century, designers have propelled it to new heights, creating original models of dresses, shirts, sundresses and pants.

Styles and models

Safari is a summer destination, so you can see light clothing in the collections of the designers:

• Dresses and tunics;
• Blouses and jackets;
• Shorts and pants;
• Skirts;
• Pantsuits;

The main element of the wardrobe remains the jacket with a collar and large patch pockets with flaps and neat lines. There are also four convenient pockets on the classic Safari style shirtdress, and the length can be from mini to midi – it depends on the fashion trends.

Style attributes are Bermuda shorts and straight trousers of cotton: poplin or twill. Loose silhouettes and natural materials allow your body to breathe and help you feel completely free.

Chic pantsuits of natural shades: ochre, olive, sand, beige, white, golden and yellow color are constantly appeared on the catwalks in the collections of famous designers. Such models are perfect for work and for walking the streets of the megapolis.

Actual colors and materials

Color palette of materials traditionally is not very diverse. It includes low-key colors and their shades:

• Sand and beige;
• Brown;
• Khaki;
• Grey;
• Blue;
• Olive;
• White;
• Ochre.

But modern designers are constantly experimenting not only with the forms but also with color. Therefore, they add new colors to such a conservative scheme. They will complement the shades listed above. For example, you can see the shorts and dresses of bright yellow and grass-green colors on the catwalks. In addition to solid materials animals’ prints are welcome: zebra, leopard or jaguar. Materials with floral ornaments are also popular among the designers creating clothing in Safari style. Such things just reminiscent of the wild African continent.

Fabrics used for sewing of comfortable and practical clothing in Safari style, is usually cotton and linen. In addition, soft leather and suede are also used.
Accessories and shoes

Leather sandals and comfortable platform sandals complement the wardrobe in safari style. You can also use bracelets, necklaces and earrings made from wooden beads, amber, agate, turquoise and jasper. Bags made of suede or embossed leather, or snake print are also may be bold accessories. You can pick up bright scarves or tie a head turban in addition to concise styles of dresses, blouses and jackets of solid matter.

Modern wardrobe in safari style is suitable for those who appreciates the maximum comfort clothes and likes natural materials. This style gives a feeling of freedom, moves you from the megapolis to the hot African savannas and allows you to experience the spirit of travel.

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