Samui Beach Resorts: The Real Paradise on Earth

Samui Beach Resorts: The Real Paradise on Earth

Samui is considered to be one of the best resorts in Thailand. And it’s not surprising because it is a very beautiful place with magnificent landscapes and nature. The majority of tourists go sight-seeing there and visit places of their interest. Samui beaches stretching along the island are also incredibly marvellous. Light onshore breeze, endless expanse and warm sand will attract even the most exacting traveller. Each one can choose a convenient place for rest and vocation whether this be the noisy beach with well-developed infra-structure and many entertainment establishments or the empty and not crowded one far from hustle and bustle of the city. When choosing you should take into account the periods of floods and ebbs which can influence on the comfortable pastime on a beach.

Samui Beach Resorts The Real Paradise on Earth

Chaweng Beach

The most popular beach in Samui is Chaweng. Being the busiest beach on the island it stretches along the east coast for almost six km. Really different people rest in Chaweng. There are many luxurious comfortable hotels as well as starless guest houses, low-end bungalows, a lot of pubs, restaurants, nightspots and various SPA-saloons for any taste and budget.

The beach itself is divided into three areas – north, south and central. The first two have calmer and more tranquil atmosphere of rest in harmony with nature. The same can’t be said for the central area where day and night merriment and noisy clubbing sets take place. If desired you can hire water transport including wave runners and personal watercrafts. Right then and there you can buy a tunic, bijouterie and traditional Thai silk fabrics.

Lamai Beach

Lamai Beach is also popular as Chaweng Beach. It differs from Chaweng in the fact that it’s calmer, quieter and more deserted. Among tourists here you often can meet families with children, young couples. Here are many restaurants with excellent cuisine, pubs with a good choice of cold drinks and other amusement facilities.

This beach stretches along the east coast for over four km and almost everywhere has warm golden sand and the level way in the sea. You should only beware of the sharp coral reefs.

The main tourist attraction is stony formation in the south part resembling male and female genital organs. This place is called “Hinta & Hin Yai (Grandfather and Grandmother Rock). One more difference between Lamai and Chaweng is more reasonable prices of entertainments and food.

Bophut Beach

In the north of the island Samui there is Bophut Beach and unlike to Lamai and especially Chawent, it’s not so popular. It’s the perfect place for those who’s tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and noisy crowds of people. The advantage of it is that the beach is located not far from the airport but planes’ hum doesn’t interfere the beach recreation because in the afternoon people just don’t notice them and at night planes just don’t fly. The most popular entertainment here is jet skiing. But you can hardly dive here because of rather muddy water.

Bophut Beach is located in a cove so there aren’t big waves. The periodic floods and ebbs also don’t affect your quiet rest. There are many guest houses and hotels at any price, comfortable cafes and pubs located in wooden buildings of the former small fishery village.

Samui beaches can give any tourist interesting presents. Someone will go into raptures over chatter and noise, twenty-four-hours merriment on the coast, and the other will like calm and quite imperceptible coves with adorable plantation and sand!

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