Sapphire ring is a stylish and fashionable jewelry!

Sapphire ring is a stylish and fashionable jewelry!

Sapphire is a precious stone of blue color. Iron and titanium give it this shade. It’s the second stone after the diamond by its hardness. Besides blues, there are sapphires of pink, orange, purple, yellow tones and even colorless ones. The colorless are cheaper than the colored ones, but sometimes unscrupulous manufacturers imitate them as diamonds (sapphires are very similar), selling many times more expensive.

Sapphire ring is a stylish and fashionable jewelry

The most famous deposits of sapphires are on Sri Lanka and Madagascar. The largest and rarest ones were found on these islands. The extraction is also carried out on the territory of Kenya, Tanzania, Australia, Cambodia, Thailand and US state of Montana. Jewelers use this stone, when creating jewelry, especially rings with sapphires.

How to choose it and what to combine the sapphire ring with?

Bright alloys of metals – white gold or silver, will look more harmoniously with the sapphire. Since the stone has a very cold tone, then you should combine it the same clothes. The perfect outfits are silvery and white. You shouldn’t combine such jewelry with dresses of blue, red, green, orange or black shades.

Medicinal properties of sapphire

Many gemstones have an impact on human health, have healing properties, and the sapphire is among them. There is a perception, that this stone can help with flu and colds, reduce body temperature, to eliminate the cough, improve vision, relieve insomnia, depression and other neurotic disorders. Sapphire improves the kidneys and eliminates the existing problems of the genitourinary system.

The magical properties of sapphire

Each stone anciently has been attributed with magical significance. It’s believed, that mineral retains and accumulates human energy.

Sapphire is the stone of innocence and sincerity, it helps to have faith and to understand the earthly mission. This mineral brings peace, harmony and is able to tame passion. It brings help to kind, sensitive and brave people, who are capable of selfless acts. They are doctors, teachers, rescuers, travelers, priests and create individuals.

When choosing a sapphire ring, you should remember that not all the zodiac signs are recommended to use it. It shouldn’t be worn by Capricorns. But Aries, Taurus, Aquarius, Sagittarius and

Virgos may get a help to cope with all the difficulties and find peace.

Storing and caring for sapphire ring

A sapphire ring should be stored separately from other jewelry and other stones: this mineral is extremely hard, can scratch softer stones. Do not keep jewelry with it for a long time under the sun, because the sapphire may become cloudy. Of course, you need to remove it before starting homework, as it will lose its luster from contact with detergents and water. Sometimes it’s necessary to clean the ring – it’s enough to hold it for a couple of hours in soapy water and then to wipe with a linen cloth.

Sapphire ring is important and fashionable. It catches the eye and adds sophistication to the owner.

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