Scotland – you must see it with your own eyes

Scotland – you must see it with your own eyes

Scotland is a place of interest for many travelers due to insufficient knowledge of their natural landscapes and significant medieval past, which makes this ancient part of the United Kingdom the birthplace of many generations of knightly and royal dynasties. Throughout the history Scotland repeatedly proved its right to recognized as a separate independent state, free of British protection, but, alas, it’s still in the Union both politically and economically.

Scotland – you must see it with your own eyes

Unique Edinburgh

The capital of Scotland – the oldest Edinburgh – has two important and interesting objects. They are:

• The Palace of Holyroodhouse (it’s a historic building, where the Queen of England gives official visits while arriving to Scotland);
• Edinburgh castle (the most famous landmark, which is a huge fortress built on the cliff, that made it in strategically invulnerable in Medieval times).

The second city of Scotland

The next largest and most important city in Scotland is Glasgow. There travelers can visit:

• the former city hall (a stunning palace complex of the Victorian age, built in the prevailing art deco style with the elements of stucco and columns of the classicism);
• Kelvingrove palace (built with red stone, since 1800-s until today is the focus for various exhibitions of fine art and a fine example of architecture in the Spanish Baroque style).

Rewards for the efforts

For more inquisitive tourists it will be exciting and memorable to visit on the rocky Sky Isle, to see the fortress of the fourteenth century – Dunvegan castle. Cost for the admission was low and remains the same – it’s only about ten to fifteen pounds per adult for an unlimited time exploring the inside of the building.

And the picture of the sights of Scotland would be incomplete if we didn’t mention the legendary Stirling castle. Historians say, that it was built in 12th century – written sources indicated the existence of the ancient architectural complex right at that time. The castle was built on the dome of not active volcano, and its forbidding slopes gave the castle a good defense against invaders.

The fortress served as a place of coronation of many Scottish rulers and the famous all over world Queen of Scots in 1543. Legends make an eternal glory for this place, because tell the famous Round Table of King Arthur’s knights was right there.

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