Sea, sun, sand and… Malta!

Sea, sun, sand and… Malta!

Sunny republic of Malta is located in the center of sea routes – from Europe to Asia and Africa. Malta consists of 5 islands, some of them are uninhabited. Tourists from all over the world come here to relax on the warm Sands of the Maltese sun.

Sea, sun, sand and… Malta

What is worth seeing?

Malta and Gozo are the main islands that are visited by tourists. St. John’s Cathedral is the old fortress, built in XVI century. Botanical gardens, caves and catacombs, cliffs – Dingli cliffs – are the main attraction of the country. Tourists call Malta a “city of monuments and open-air museums”. The architecture of the island attracts travelers, because a lot of buildings here are old, and the locals make all efforts to keep them intact.

Everyone to Malta! Rest and treatment!

The territory of the state is very small and is only 316 sq. m., however, the island is popular among the travelers. After all, it’s that thing, that the republic lives with, because the tourism is the key sector of the economy. The health and safety of visitors are highly appreciated here. Malta offers not only good vacation, but also ways to heal the body, because almost 50 of the health centers aimed to ensure that tourists feel comfort and care.

Fans of extreme sports and active rest get maximum pleasure from time spent at the resort. Among the most popular activities on the island there are:

• Diving;
• Banners and bananas;
• Surfing;
• Scuba diving;
• Nutrition and food.

The main delicacy in the food is the fish “Dorado”. Speaking about meat – rabbit is quite popular here. The proximity to Italy has contributed to the diversity the pasta, and Tunisia shared African and Arab flavors that also left a trace in the food of the natives. It’s impossible to resist of the puff pastry for pie, and the crispy strips with candies fruits. They left a pleasant taste for a long time.

Where it’s better to stay?

Malta is country that is popular in any season. Every guest will find something new and interesting.

Lovers of quiet rest prefer staying on the island of Gozo. Visitors are attracted by beautiful and tranquil nature and the cote d’azur of the Mediterranean. Unlike any other islands – Gozo boasts reasonable prices in shops and restaurants.

Budgibba is the place where all the tourists, especially young and energetic ones, can not only relax but to have a good time. There are bars and noisy discos everywhere, so that you won’t be bored any single minute. The resort center allows you not only to relax but also to but fashionable clothes in the shopping centers.

Silema is the city of the best hotels on the Maltese Islands. Restaurants and shopping centers will bring pleasure to the most demanding travelers.

St Julians – is the optimal option for vacation. You can both have a good time at night and relax during the day. There are high quality services here and varied pricing category, that will suit to anyone, with different tastes.

Malta will bring a lot of fun and excitement, and the time here will be remembered as a pleasant memory for a long time.

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