Shabby chic in the interior

Shabby chic in the interior

Do you like creativity and want to take part in your apartment decoration? Are you fascinated by the things with the history and in your childhood you enjoyed spending the time in the attic ‘ruining’ granny’s chest with the old things? In this case you’ll love the shabby chic.

Shabby chic in the interior

The name of the style means ‘aged luxury’. The name completely conveys the essence of style in design. Applying the shabby chic people use either new things and pieces of furniture but artificially aged or really old worn things. In this case they, on the contrary, can be restored or little renewed.

The shabby chic style
Firstly, the shabby chic style is characterized by a variety of home furnishings and accessories with a touch of antiquity. Styles of used furniture are various; this may be tables in the Baroque, Rococo styles, vintage sofas, the country-style, eclectic and others are also fit. The main condition is that all the furniture must be made of wood, often painted in white or pastel colors, the wood should be seen through the paint, thus recalling worn, but still remaining their luxury things.
If you wish to recreate the shabby chic style in your room completely then you need to think through all the details, from the ceiling, which should not just be of white color, to the floor, because the conventional linoleum will look out of place. With normal white ceiling in the room, it is advisable to age it visually; the addition of fretwork will be a great solution. As decoration for the walls, reflecting the shabby chic style, you can also use the mural.

Shabby chic interior
Accessories used in the decoration of the room in shabby chic style are different lace bedspreads and flowered blankets, cute trinkets and figurines, again, antique boxes and lamps. You can use a new chandelier, in contrast to the shabby luxury, but still, it should be gorgeous not to stand out from the general style. The crystal chandelier is allowed. What else? You need to take a luxury curtains, it’s better of heavy velvet, or else of a more subtle and simple fabrics, but with different laces and ruches. Yeah, now the ‘Granny’s Chest’ with its ancient and, as it seemed before, completely unnecessary things will come in handy! You can use the imagination when decorating the interior according to your taste. You can also add a few small bouquets of fresh wildflowers, porcelain dolls in the lush dresses, cards and frames for the photos made in scrapbooking style. This style allows both a little surplus of the elements and ‘dilution’ of the shabby chic with something more strictly. And, of course, the stylistic line of furniture, which must look vintage and luxurious, walls, floor and ceiling. You can add in the shabby chic interior something different; there is no need to follow the given advice exactly.

Furniture in the shabby chic style
The furniture used in shabby chic style, as a rule, is made entirely of wood. As the wood peeping out from under the layers of paint is one of the main, the most recognizable features of this style. The forged parts, carving are also allowed. Also the furniture in shabby chic style can be decorated with a picture and aged with, as you must already guessed, decoupage technique. The style of the furniture may be whatever you want, even of a strict shape, without a single decoration or it can be painted to give it a vintage look.

Textiles in the shabby chic style
Fabrics that are presented, as a rule, by pillowcases on numerous cushions, as well as table cloths, napkins, curtains and blinds, are applied in the shabby style, firstly, in a large number; secondly, with the patterns or of delicate pastel shades. Ruffles, lace and other embellishments are in abundance; in this style there will not be surplus in them. It is better to use curtains made of a more rough material, not frivolous, like the fabric with flower print for pillowcases and covers. If we talk about the covers for furniture, there is also a kind of rudeness is acceptable, suggesting the idea of the same antiquity as the furniture itself. Cases may be of brown, beige, chocolate hues, sometimes trimmed with ruffles.

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