Shellac Manicure: Durable, Beautiful, Fashionable

Shellac Manicure: Durable, Beautiful, Fashionable

Each girl and woman always wants to have beautiful nails but the present-day fast moving routine reminds of lack of time for everyday manicure. Long acrylic nails are not already up-to-date, they are considered to be vulgar and tasteless. What is to do when you dream of fashionable and at the same time durable manicure? There is way out! This is the modern nail coating called “shellac”.

Shellac Manicure Durable, Beautiful, Fashionable

What is shellac?

Shellac is a special mixture of gel and lacquer which is covered the nails with an even layer. This coating is fixed by an ultraviolet lamp and remains permanent for 2-4 weeks. You can generally have your nails done in beauty salons but having special tools, equipment and skills you can do it on your own.

How to lacquer the nails?

First, you need to work at cuticles and the nails’ shape. Then you should polish them for better fixed coating. You can remove the appeared dust with a nail-brush. One of the most important manicure stages is disinfection, that is covering the nails with antibacterial which disinfects and ungreases them. This procedure will give the opportunity to lacquer the nails with an even layer. Then you should apply a base layer (special translucent coating laid with one layer) and let it dry using the UV lamp. Drying will take you about 25-30 seconds.

Then it’s time for the next stage, the lead coating. Shellac is covered as usual lacquer. It’s recommended to dry each nail after painting in the UV lamp for 10-15 seconds and after ending the procedure you should dry all the nails for a minute. You can also cover them with one or two colourful layers for richer and brighter colour and, of course, don’t forget about using the lamp every time. For fixing manicure you should cover the nails with special latter gel and dry it with the lamp. Then remove the adhered layer wiping it with a spirit-wetted swab or a napkin, and lay the nail butter to soften the skin. That’s all, shellac manicure is ready!

How to remove shellac?

Two weeks later shellac remains permanent but at the bottom you can see a new part of the nail and, as a consequence, shellac has to be removed. For this you need some foil, nail polish remover with acetone and cotton pads. You should moisten the pads with remover place on each nail one by one. Then coil the nails with foil and wait for 10 minutes. In 10 minutes you can try to remove lacquer with an orange stick but if you can’t do it, coil the nails again and repeat the procedure in some time.

Advantages and disadvantages of shellac manicure

This coating remains on the nails for several weeks and cleaning agents and water don’t affect it at all. The shellac’s composition doesn’t include some chemical components having a negative effect on health so it even can be used by pregnant women. Shellac promotes the strengthening of the nails due to nutrient elements.

The coating has not so much disadvantages. For covering the nails with shellac on your own you need the special equipment including the UV lamp, lacquer, remover which can be really expensive. You should also take into account that shellac is very durable and while tidying home, washing up, showering the nails become broader and then neck down again. This changes cause the formation of micro-cracks in the nail plate where inimical bacteria often cause fungus.

Shellac manicure is the modern and durable nail coating adding shine to the nails and giving the opportunity to choose the suitable colour from the variety of colours.

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