Short evening dress is the perfect outfit!

Short evening dress is the perfect outfit!

On any festive event every girl wants to look great. Shining smile, striking make-up and, of course, a beautiful outfit. Evening dress, especially if it is short, will help to look feminine, glamorous and sophisticated.

Short evening dress is the perfect outfit

Styles of evening short dresses

Short dresses are more versatile than the long model. They are appropriate for parties, romantic dates, dinners, weddings and graduation:

1. Dress in retro style is popular among young girls. Corset and volume skirt perfectly accentuate the figure.
2. Short column dress. Classic is always current.
3. The outfit with the Basques is the embodiment of femininity. It hides figure flaws and makes every girl the centre of attention.
4. Short evening dress with a train will emphasize the girl’s figure and feet. It always looks elegant and original.
5. A short dress with long sleeves. The harmonious combination of bare feet and closed hands; girl always looks sophisticated and chaste in it.
6. Models with asymmetrical cut, with one shoulder seductively opened, with uneven bottom, or cut-outs, will appeal to girls who want to have the whole evening in the spotlight.
7. The dress in the style of minimalism involves a simple cut and lack of decor. In it, any girl will look elegant and refined. If you wish, you can complement the dress with bright accessories.

Actual fabrics for evening dresses

Fluffy skirt for such outfits are made of tulle, since it keeps excellent shape, the top can also be made from other materials such as chiffon and guipure. Evening dresses of lace accentuate femininity and romantic image, and silk or satin dresses will add rigor and elegance. For the cold season is to choose options from the denser fabrics such as cashmere, velvet or fine wool.

Trendy colors of evening dresses

Short evening dress in black is timeless classics. Refined, restrained and aristocratic, it is always appropriate.

A short white dress is considered to be no less popular. During the warmer months it would look more appropriate. However, keep in mind that white color makes you look fatter, that is, the figure of a girl who has chosen a similar outfit must be perfect. Bright colors such as blue and red, yellow and green, purple and turquoise, pink and gold, are always relevant. The choice of color depends solely on personal preference and own color personality.

Girls, who prefer more soothing colors, can safely choose dresses in pastel shades. For example, beige, caramel, peach, the color of coffee with milk, muted pink, coral or purple.

Accessories for a short evening dress

To complete the evening image, to make it look less strict and not boring, it is necessary to supplement it with accessories properly. For example, a string of pearls, voluminous necklaces, earrings interesting design, chiffon kerchief, bracelets or small clutch.

What combine short evening dress with?

The dress of this style should necessarily be combined with the shoes or sandals with heels. Jacket, cardigan or short coat will be appropriate. Nudes will be good for summer and thick tights are suitable for cold weather.

Short evening dress will give any girl self-confidence, success and the attention of men, so it should be in the arsenal of every fashionista!

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