Shorts: a practical substitution of miniskirt

Shorts: a practical substitution of miniskirt

In the mini-skirt, you know, it’s hard to show off too much on the nature, the beach, a picnic or a disco, we have to look after ourselves, and it also limits the movements, if speaking frankly. Therefore, shorts are considered to be a good alternative to it. They need equal amount of fabric, but you can freely run jump and do not be afraid of anything. So, let’s talk about them.

Shorts a practical substitution of miniskirt

Once already we are talking about a mini length, and then all must understand that such a luxury is permissible for girls with a good figure, slim and beautiful shape of legs. It is an axiom. It is also worth to note that length of mini shorts assumes a fully open hip. This ultra-radical option is often inappropriate.

But the classic shorts, opening hip on 2/3, will be a good alternative to the mini skirt. With their help, you can create a vivid youth or a romantic image, quiet and stylish urban club look. And that’s because they are easy combined with other wardrobe items. Yet they are not for official events, too short length under these circumstances would look vulgar and provocative.

Choosing short shorts you should look carefully at the different models. Particular attention should be paid to the following options:

Loose mini shorts

The model is very bold and daring. But for young people – this is what you need, especially on summer days, when the city is melted by the heat. They are indispensable for a beach holiday, club parties. But not in the business office wardrobe and style.

Shorts with high waist

It’s just perfect option for owners of a slim figure with slight bit fat hips, but a distinct waist. A thick belt and high seating accentuate it even more. Wedge-heeled sandals, sandals with platforms or heels will help to lengthen the legs visually. Especially, if they will not stand out too much in relation to the color, and almost merge with the foot (beige, sand-colored).

Denim short shorts

Due to its length, slightly higher than the mini size, they are very versatile and even democratic, because they fit even the owners of a slightly plump figure. Note also that denim is always in fashion.

Short shorts-skirt

Sometimes it’s even difficult to distinguish them from the skirt. Especially beautiful they look on the lean girls or those who have a boyish figure type. They may be simple or with decorative details (ruffles, pleating).

Models of short shorts of neutral, soothing colors without prints are easily combined with the classics, such as a white shirt, strict jacket. For a romantic image, you can replace it with a chiffon blouse made of fabric printed with small flowers and a cozy knit cardigan. It’s a good option for an evening stroll.

Buying white summer shorts of short length, do not forget about the properties of this color to give a little more weight than it actually is. Combine them with things of the bright colors, for example, yellow, green, blue, turquoise, etc.

With the high growth you can not to think about shoes too much, everything will suit you, from soft suede ankle boots to sandals. But the owners of medium height and below should choose a high heel or platform.

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