Should you believe in horoscopes?

Should you believe in horoscopes?

Nowadays horoscopes hobby is widespread. Astrological predictions can be found on the pages of magazines and newspapers, heard in many television shows. Every person, regardless of his beliefs, is interested to know his future – whether it’s today or the whole future life. Curiosity leads to look at the corresponding page, find there your zodiac sign and at least with one eye to get acquainted with that what stars ‘predict’. But should you trust this information?

Should you believe in horoscopes

Newspaper horoscopes

First of all, it should be noted that the media publishing the horoscopes, have nothing to do with astrology. As a rule, they are composed by the journalists, writers, and sometimes psychologists with very approximate idea of this ancient science. The purpose of such predictions is rather entertainment; they can be studied, whiling away the time in transport, along with the crossword puzzles. There is hardly a sensible person, believing that in some certain day, every Aries will get a promotion, and absolutely all the Sagittarius will face financial collapse. Not to mention the fact that in the various editions each can meet directly antithesis predictions and interpretations.

However, some people find certain newspaper horoscopes matching with reality. This fact is explained by that in most of these publications fairly loosely definitions are used; they can be easily adjusted for a variety of situations and characters.

Professional horoscopes

Real horoscopes are prepared by professional astrologers for each individual. This takes into account the smallest details, personal data of the person, up to the minute and second of his birth. These horoscopes are serious, as they have some scientific basis and are considered as more reliable.

Psychologists’ point of view
Whatever it was, but psychologists warn that reading horoscopes could harm the person. This is especially true of people who are prone to auto-suggestion. It’s one thing if the horoscope promises good luck. Perhaps to some extent it will benefit: people cheers up, enthusiastically takes up the case and as a result will succeed. And a negative prognosis is quite another thing. After reading about the troubles waiting, suggestible people feel anxiety, fear for their health or state of affairs. Thoughts lead to spoiled mood and poor health. Individual pre-configures himself on the negative, programs fail. And all of the above applies to skeptical individuals. The unpleasant phrase, which was read, unconsciously affects the psyche negatively, even if a person absolutely does not believe in predictions or does not admit it.

To believe in horoscopes or not is a private matter. In any case, it is worth remembering that the destiny of person, first of all, is in his own hands, you should not subcontract its dubious predictions. Believe in yourself, achieve your goals and success is sure to come to you!

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