Singapore: exotic against the background of the supermarkets

Singapore: exotic against the background of the supermarkets

Singapore is a tiny country located on a small island in Southeast Asia, where there is no shortage in the population, and great places to visit. This country-town is dotted with the latest generation of skyscrapers, night clubs for every taste and huge shopping malls for violent shopaholics. On the other hand, Singapore is full of exotic in flora, fauna and traditions that have been shaped by Chinese, Malaysian, Indian influence.

Singapore exotic against the background of the supermarkets

There is no time of the year, which would not suit to visit Singapore. You just need to take an umbrella, because pleasant rain cools country territory almost daily, and sunglasses, which will save from the constant bright sun. The most ‘cold’ months are December and January, when the temperature drops to 25 degrees. The rest of the time, it is around the mark 30.

Despite the fact that Singapore cannot boast open spaces, visitors will easily find here an occupation to taste. For example, a trip around the Singapore Zoo can last all day. Local animals are given a lot of space, and the orangutan population is the largest in the world, certainly when it comes to closed areas. Another record belongs to the Singapore Flyer, the Ferris wheel, which stands at 165 meters high, and with which you can contemplate not only the island, but also areas of Malaysia and Indonesia, at a distance.

Merlion statue, a combination of a lion and a fish, is a fountain, a symbol of Singapore. That is why all the tourists want to take a picture here. Another majestic statue is dedicated to Stamford Raffles, founder of the city, which is installed in the exact spot where he first landed. Right next to it is the Museum of Civilization, the other object, which is to meet. History lovers should not miss the sight of the Singapore City Gallery, the oldest part of the city, where you can personally get acquainted with the fascinating traditions of the local population.

Toy Museum was created by Chang Yang Fa, a passionate collector, who collected and gave the city more than 50,000 exhibits. They fascinate not only children, but also every adult, especially because the entrance is only $ 5. And another colorful attraction is National Orchid Garden in a local botanical garden. Here, in absolute silence, you can enjoy and feel the scent of the huge number of different varieties of orchids, which nowhere else can not be contemplated.

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