Small breast: how not to have complexes about it

Small breast: how not to have complexes about it

You consider a small breast to be a disadvantage? You are wrong! Actually, it’s a huge advantage! And there are proves of it. You shouldn’t look at full-breasted representatives of the fair sex and envy; it’s better to pay attention to those, who contrary to common women’s belief have managed not only to find advantages of their natural constitution, but turned their moderate breast size into object of admiration.


Sasha Luss

Being only 23 years old, this model is one of the most demanded on the international runways. Pret-a-porter and Haute Couture fashion shows, photos for the leading slick magazines and enviable rank of the muse for matchless Karl Lagerfeld.


With the bust of 83 cm this diva managed to win hearts of millions of common viewers and the leading maestros of fashion industry. And how Sasha Luss looks at the red carpet? Splendid semitransparent dresses and tightly fitting garments she likes so much don’t hide her moderate bust size at all, but the image in general look more than attractive. And the lack of any complexes about it makes sore-heads envy Sasha even more.


A hot Latin American with magnificent voice and gorgeous hips. At the same time, one can’t call her breast large. The singer herself admits that she felt uncomfortable about her small bust, when she was young, and even was going to resort to plastic surgery. But as timed passed, she gave up these thoughts. Shakira reconciled with her natural self. And all it brought her was happiness.


Columbian diva is happily married and has a child. The complexes became a thing of the past, which had an impact on the present – Shakira has got on the list of the most beautiful women in the world. Why, how do you think? She just enjoys being herself and doesn’t miss an opportunity to demonstrate the natural beauty of her body once again.

Keira Knightley

The poster for “King Arthur” movie clearly demonstrates a moderate bust size of this actress. However, Keira herself has no complexes about it. But then, the poster was enhanced, using Photoshop, resulting in the actress’s bust becoming more impressive. Keira got extremely angry about this fact and filed a charge against it. The court took her side and Keira got a compensation of 3 million dollars.


Keira considers her breast of zero size to be a huge advantage and emphasizes that many women envy her constitution. And the fact that they often try to enlarge her bust size at photos is very unpleasant to her.

Kristen Stewart

The actress doesn’t hide the fact that she worried a little about her small bust size when she was younger. But soon all the complexes were put aside. Today, Kristen Stewart doesn’t hesitate to wear revealing dresses, which don’t disguise her small breast. In everyday life she often wears T-shirts next to the skin without even trying to add extra volume to her bust.


Having quite a small bust, Kristen Stewart always looks elegant and absolutely self-confident.

Paris Hilton

Despite its moderate size, this socialite’s bust has always been in the public eye. Paris has always preferred and still wears low cuts as well as clothes of semitransparent fabric and revealing garments. In her interview she says that she doesn’t consider a large breast to be attractive and is fond of what the nature has given to her.


And it’s impossible not to believe her! The confidence she shows, when presenting herself and her constitution to the public, is worth respecting and admiring Of course, sometimes she tries on garment with strongly marked push-up, but this happens quite rarely. Paris is not going to resort to plastic surgery.

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