Smoky eye makeup: a fascinating look

Smoky eye makeup: a fascinating look

Smoky eye makeup first became popular thanks to the black-and-white film and Brigitte Bardot! Despite the intervening years, the fashion on this make-up isn’t passed away yet. Smoky eye is the perfect image of sexy, feminine and bright women!

Smoky eye makeup a fascinating look

What are the features of makeup?

Almost all the stars of domestic and world show business like this makeup, but it is relevant not only to the podium and glamorous parties. Depending on the range of colors this makeup is perfect for both the business and the image for going out. The main feature of smoky eyes is considered to be a careful shading of lines, the use of eyeliner and creation of the effect of haze around the eyes.

It is recommended to use at least three shades of one color tones, from light to dark; it is not necessarily to be limited with boring black and gray palette. The application of peach, gold, olive, beige colors for your business image; green, chocolate, gray and purple for a party is not excluded.

Golden, pink and lavender tones will suit blue-eyed girls, and for a bright image for going out they can take purple and blue ones, but it is necessary not to overdo! It’s better to do a smoky eye makeup more faded than too catchy! Green-eyed damsels can use almost all the shades, brown and chocolate tones look the most advantageous. Dark-eyed beauties will look good with green and brown shades, gray-eyed ladies – with blue-violet. Gray, silver and black colors suit almost everyone at the same time you should prefer matte shadows, because the extra gloss will give gravity and fatigue to the image!

How to make a smoky eye makeup?

It is quite simple to make it at home, the main thing is to properly prepare your face and carefully shade shadows. So, what should be a sequence of actions?
1. It is necessary to prepare the skin: Apply concealer, disguise dark circles, irritations, blemishes and defects with corrector. In order to shadows fared the best, it is recommended to put special base on eyelids.

2. With pencil of the corresponding color you can emphasize the line of eyebrows, making a tail smoother. If the brows are fair for naturalness you can use shadows instead of pencil.

3. Correctly choose the shadows depending on eye color, time of day and the type of event. You must select at least three shades of the same color to create a smooth transition.

4. Shadows should be applied on the eyelids, with a middle color applied in the crease of the eyelid closer to the outer edge; above the eyebrows should be a lighter tone. Below the eyebrows a thin strip of light bodily shadows can be applied for the expressiveness of eyes. The darkest shade is applied on the upper eyelid along the eyelashes.

5. If you wish then apply shadows on the lower eyelid too.

6. Shadows are carefully shaded; all the lines are smoothed out with a brush or cotton swab.

7. Next, the eyeliner: it can be liquid ink, pencil, and even the shadows, but in the latter case it is necessary to apply them with wet brush. The line should extend along the contour of the growth of eyelashes on the all upper eyelid and the third of lower one from the external corner; width varies from 2 to 4.5 mm at the eastern makeup. Liner is also carefully shaded.

8. Eyelashes are covered with two layers of mascara to avoid clumping of lashes.

9. The rest of the makeup should be as light as possible: lip contour can be flesh-colored, and the face could be emphasized a little with the light blush, because the main emphasis is placed on the eyes with smoky makeup.

Smoky eye makeup has become a classic, because it can be both light / natural, and incredibly fascinating!

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