Spanish style wedding dresses

Spanish style wedding dresses

An image of a bride has always been associated with tenderness, romance and innocence! And all these qualities, in the first place, were demonstrated in a girl’s dress. And if you think about it, what kind of style do you prefer in your everyday life? You are sensual, emotional and sometimes extreme? In this case, why should you limit yourself by the common frames, if on one of the happiest days of your life you want to be not only the most beautiful, but also show that you are a personality!

Spanish style wedding dresses

Spanish style bride

Try on a Spanish style wedding dress. A close-bodied laced corset, showcasing all the advantages of your figure, a magnificent tail, as well as numerous frills, flounces and rouches, giving a sense of a celebration. A mermaid dress in Spanish style will make the most sophisticated fashionistas envy and will drive your future spouse simply mad.
In this dress you will look like a passionate flamenco dancer – of the dance, full of life and unspeakable emotional experiences.

Spanish veil – an excellent addition to a bridal image

A traditional addition to a Spanish style dress will be a laced Spanish veil. It’s cut out in a special way – on the bias, which creates a nice-looking drapery in the face area. To the upper edge of a veil, a hair pick is attached to create a complete image. A large advantage of this veil is that it perfectly matches any face shape and, for a wonder, lots of wedding dresses.

Paying attention to details

Make a neat, modest hairdo, but at the same time decorate it with a large bright flower, a hair pick or large hair pins. Comb your hair back to open the face.

Wear large earrings or clips and don’t forget to take a gorgeous fan and a light shawl with you as well.

To create a burning image, chose a bright colored dress – red or green. A black and red wedding dress or a classic white one with black or red accessories will look very uncommon. Choosing a luxurious Spanish style wedding dress of vanilla or cream color will be equally unexpected.

If you are afraid of “going too far”, include only several catchy parts to your image, which will give a hint of Spanish theme.

But that’s not all! When choosing such a daring dress, you can venture to hold a Spanish style bridal shower and a Spanish wedding, to visit Spanish romantic places during your honeymoon and much more. It depends only on your imagination. But in case you have not enough imagination or you are not quite sure that you can deal with it on your own, turn to wedding organizers.

Professionals will help you with everything, even with choosing a wedding dress, because a bride’s appearance – is one of the most important parts of the celebration. Everything must be perfect!

What wedding dress you will choose and what your wedding will be like – depends only on you. Make everyone and, first of all, yourself remember this image and wedding photos from the celebration will always take you back to this wonderful day.

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