Spotted dress – the trendy classics

Spotted dress – the  trendy classics

The eternal classics, the plentiful source of inspiration for couturiers, designers and stylists – all this is about spotted fabric. Sometimes being not very noticeable, sometimes reaching the peak of popularity, this pattern is always present in the new collections of both young, new coming designers and the world famous fashion houses.

Spotted dress – the  trendy classics

Some elements and decorations of a modern spotted dress can be seen on old photos of our grandmothers or mothers. For it is said that “history repeats itself”; this rule perfectly describes this classical pattern. When modifying the models, fashion designers introduce creative elements and use brand-new fabrics, but keep small or large spots as the basic background. They offer to buy trendy dresses 2016 and select one or several models of spotted dresses.

There is a simple explanation for this dress being so popular – this pattern is suitable for almost everyone. A spotted dress is appropriate for wearing both for young and middle aged women, for girls with a perfect figure, as well as with a figure with some flaws. You can wear it in the office, at a business meeting and, of course, when going for a walk or a romantic date. All you need to do is to choose the right dress style and especially the size of spots on the fabric. It is the spots on a dress, which usually help to visually solve any problems with your figure drawbacks.

To decide on a dress style and model on your own, as well as to choose fashionable shoes, matching the dress, and accessories for it, you can use your own intuition and sense of style or resort to the assistance of sales consultants or stylists. Fashionable dresses 2016, especially spotted ones, require discreet attitude; the key factor here – is not to overload this garment with accessories. The spotted pattern is self-sufficient and attracts attention by itself, therefore excessive accessories or inappropriate shoes can spoil the whole impression, even if a dress fits perfectly and looks very harmoniously on a woman.

Black, white and red variations of spotted pattern and the basic color of the fabric still remain the classical ones, but, of course, today other colors and shades are used for creating these models.

Fashionable dresses 2016 are available in both every day and evening models, with combined or one-type pattern. Every woman who has decided to buy a spotted dress will be able to choose a suitable model and, complementing it with, for example, a hat or a scarf together with accessories, matching the dress, and nice-looking shoes, will look both flirtatious and intelligent, and will always remain in the center of men’s attention.

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