Start of the day: 10 productivity traps

Start of the day: 10 productivity traps

Everything can spoil the beginning of your day: traffic jam, the forgotten umbrella or keys. But in addition to these domestic reasons, the productivity and success of the workday depend largely on how you spend you first working minutes.

Start of the day 10 productivity traps

Even if you flew into office at the last minute, meaning that you arrived on time, your day would begin chaotically. Not to mention the more significant delay. It will take time to take a deep breath and recover. Of course, your boss won’t be pleased. According to psychologists, bosses think that late workers are less conscientious, even if they are staying after the end of working day.

Forgetting to say Hello, you are in the risk to spoil relationships with colleagues, or even make them worse. And it will be harder asking for help. Finding a few minutes for a couple of polite phrases isn’t such an impossible task.

Coffee time
Are you grabbing a cup of coffee right after the arriving to office? Wait until 9:30 and then you can drink. According to observations, it’s better to drink it after this time. The reason is in cortisol – the hormone responsible for energy. It reaches its peak between 8 and 9 am. If you drink coffee in this period, the body reduces its production and begins to depend on caffeine.

It will be enough for you to check email for about 10 minutes. To do this, take care of bringing your folders in order and selecting the prior addresses. Configuring the filters properly, you will lighten your day. By reviewing only the most important and urgent emails, you will be able to quickly join the work. And you should watch correspondence, that can wait, later.

If you don’t have a secretary, you should start recording and planning your things. It must be your habit. To do this, get an electronic or paper diary. So you won’t be missing any important meeting or task deadlines.

The easy and the hard
Productivity and performance are usually higher in the morning, but starting with large objects can be difficult for you. So start with the easiest things and then proceed to tasks, requiring special attention and effort. Even if it seems, that doing a lot of things simultaneously is within your grasp, do not get into multitasking. Most likely, you will quickly fizzle out and won’t be able concentrating on the essentials.

Everyone can spoil it: scandalous roommate or passenger in transport. But no matter how hard it may be, try to distract from the negative and do not put it to work, otherwise, you will not be able to focus on your responsibilities.

Morning isn’t the best time for meetings. Surely, the result will be low, but you will spend a lot of strength and concentration. Try assigning them to low-energy time – the afternoon. If there are no urgent questions, of course.

Scientists warn: our cognitive abilities are limited. So we should spend it with maximum efficiency. If you spend morning time on thinking: when to drink coffee, watch email or project, your energy will be consumed in vain, and there will not be a lot of mental strength. Therefore, you should stick a routine about mail and coffee. The ritual will help you to save some brain activity, and you don’t have to waste energy on small things.

There are not so many things to do for staring a fruitful day. Try keeping these tips on how to avoid pitfalls of productivity and then nothing will prevent you from enjoying your day.

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