Stylish ponchos: always in trend

Stylish ponchos: always in trend

Poncho – is a wide cloak of a rectangular piece of fabric with a cutout for the neck. A specific distinction of this garment is that it completely lacks sleeves. It is suitable both for warm season, if sewn of fine fabrics, and for cold weather, when knitted models are preferable. At the same time, the length of almost all its varieties is the same – to the hips or just slightly below.

Stylish ponchos always in trend

What types of ponchos are there?

This top can have completely different options, ranging from thin cloak for rainy weather up to warm winter garments. Among them, the models, decorated with leather or fur in shape of a collar are highly popular. They can be made of the following types of material:

• drape;
• cotton;
• wool;
• silk;
• atlas;
• heavy muslin
• and many others.

Usually, a poncho has ragged bottom edges, which can have such fashionable decorations as tassels, embroidery, drapery and other trimming. It’s slightly longer from the front and the back than at the sides, which creates a nice-looking effect while walking. In some models, a variety of designer approaches are used to imitate sleeves.

Many people consider poncho to be the clothes for lazy, and not without a reason – it’s very fast and easy to put on and to wear as well. At the same time, you are completely free to move, nothing interferes with your common activities. Every fashionmonger will be pleased with the fact that, due to its wide design, this garment is suitable for girls of totally different forms. It will help plump ladies to hide the tummy and, on the contrary, will make the curves of skinny girls more ample. This cloak will make every woman look elegant and feminine. And no way is it demanding, when it comes to thinking over the image with its “participation”.

What to wear a poncho with?

1. Classics. This option refers to a hip-long poncho without any decorative elements. This variation will create a perfect duo with a black knee-long skirt or straight trousers without creases. This feminine image can be complemented with a broad-brimmed hat, elbow-long gloves and winklepickers.

2. Short-cut models. These ponchos create a perfect look together with skinny jeans, a floor-length wide skirt and even cocktail dresses. This friendly “company” will easily accept both high-heeled and flat-soled shoes.

3. Mini-poncho. This garment, as the name implies, is not too long. He will look impressive together with platform boots, over-the-knee boots, straight and wide short skirts, all kinds of T-shirts. Models made of fur with leather inserts will eye-catchingly emphasize the hips and warm on a cold day. But this option is suitable only for skinny girls, because such ponchos make the figure look plumper; however, jersey models will be appropriate for the ladies of any forms.

Tips on wearing a poncho

1. To look stylish, don’t wear a loose-fitting poncho with the same bottom – this will make a girl visually bigger.

2. If you choose a knitted model of this garment, it’s advisable to avoid large decorative items and jewelry, such as: chains, necklaces, brooches.

3. When wearing a poncho, be careful with scarves and shawls on the neck, which will only spoil everything in such a combination.

How many uncommon images you happen to create, using such an attractive and functional garment as poncho! The key factor here is to keep in mind to follow the latest fashion trends.

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