Tanning bed: for and against

Tanning bed: for and against

What do we know today about the tanning bed? The main thing is getting an even tan all year round, despite the fact you were in the southern countries or not. After all, tanning is light, but, nevertheless, still skin burns, and in this case it is important not to overdo it.

Tanning bed for and against

There are two types of tanning beds (vertical, horizontal), and the difference between them is obvious.

Horizontal solarium is a classic. It has only one major drawback that tan can be uneven, even if it is two-way. The point is in that you lie and light spots can remain in areas of the body contact with the surface of the sun beds. Also, there is a psychological factor of claustrophobia.

However, horizontal tanning beds are not so bad and their plus is that you can completely relax for 10-15 minutes, without the risk of burns, because virtually all horizontal solariums use low-power lamps. And the cost of procedures is much more attractive, compared with a visit to the vertical solarium.

About vertical solariums we can say is that they are becoming more popular. After all, this is convenient: apply your favorite suntan cream, go up to the platform (some tanning salons have platform spinning slowly), turn on your favorite music or sounds (for example, the cries of gulls and the surf), close the door, and stand and enjoy the ultraviolet. Note, without resting your body on anything! This is another plus in terms of hygiene visits of such procedures.

The positive side of artificial tanning is, of course, the external, the visual effect. Please note that on the background of dark skin the eyes and teeth look whiter and the skin itself looks more velvety and smooth. Also a plus is the fact that we supply the skin with vitamin D, which is produced by ultraviolet lamps which are in the solarium.

There are not many negative sides of visiting the tanning bed. Do not use the solarium if you have different types of dermatitis. Neglecting to your skin can lead to various complications or relapse.

If you do not protect the eyes with special UV glasses, there is a risk of retinal burns. Hair also has to be taken care about, as the ultraviolet lamps strongly dry them. To avoid this, you need to cover it with a scarf or cotton hat.

If you decide to visit a solarium, you must be very pretentious to staff competence and quality of service. The equipment itself is also important – namely UV lamps. They have a service life and if you’re new to these procedures, you must be sure to tell maintenance personnel in order to avoid burns from the new bulbs, because they work more powerful, hence, the time spent by them should be minimized.

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