Tanzania holidays is the best travel to Africa

Tanzania holidays is the best travel to Africa

Tanzania is a state in East Africa which was created in 1964 of the former British colonies of Tanganyuika and Zanzibar. Tourism began to develop in the 80s. The country is popular because it’s the place, where you can see African flora and fauna and its best representatives. But what are the features of a rest in Tanzania? How to get maximum emotions and impressions from the visit?

Tanzania holidays is the best travel to Africa

Accommodation features

You can live in Tanzania in different ways: starting from dirty hotels with shared bathrooms to luxury 5-stars resorts. Some of the hotels located near national parks and reserves. Because of its location, tourist have the ability to visit the most beautiful places of the country.

Estates of ecotourism, situated in national state parks, are becoming more popular. They represent open loggias or bungalow, built in the middle of wild nature.

There are also campsites for those who come on holiday to Tanzania to observe the animals of Africa. They move after the migrating lions, leopards, zebras, hippos and giraffes. In addition to the living services, you can get guides, who knows the terrain to help you to make the best photo of animals in their habitat.

Food features

Tanzania was a colony of Great Britain for a long time. For this reason, it is easy to find cafe or restaurant with traditional English food – porridge, soups, steaks, puddings and coffee. You can also try stew of chickens, stew and seafood in the small towns.

There are a lot of fruits in any market – coconuts, bananas, papaya, pineapple and mango. You mustn’t drink tap water in Tanzania. Buy bottled one or drink beverages – tea, coffee, juices or beer.


Most of the attractions of Tanzania are the national parks, where you can find rare species of local fauna: lions and zebras, cheetahs and antelopes, hippos and giraffes, crocodiles and gorillas, chimpanzees and hyenas. You can use reservations not only to observe animals, but to hunt them (for good money). The most famous reserves are Ngorongoro, Ruaha and Seregeti.

The country has the highest volcano in the world – Kilimanjaro. The ability to climb it attracts multinational climbers, who’ve chosen vacation in Tanzania. There are many hiking and climbing trails in the mountain massif, which is the part of magnificent giant. Some of them are open to anyone, and there you can look into the crater of the Earth’s largest volcano.

Monuments built by men, are located in the main town of Zanzibar Island – Stone Town. Its central part is included to UNESCO world heritage list. You can see here the residence of local sultan – Palace of Wonders, the Home of the African Explorer – David Livingstone and the African Church of the late nineteenth century.

An unusual combination of attractions, ability to hunt animals and the presence of modern tourist facilities annually attract one million travelers to visit Tanzania. It’s one of the best places to stay on the Continent.

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