Ten rules of how to spend the money and run the household

Ten rules of how to spend the money and run the household

Economical housekeeping will help keep the financial resources to avoid unnecessary purchases, and focus your attention on the purchase of really necessary things, defining the priorities in life.

Ten rules of how to spend the money and run the household

Rule №1

Before you buy something, determine how often you will use it. It is better to rent an expensive thing, the use of which is planned once a year. High-tech products quickly become obsolete; they are replaced by new, more sophisticated models. Your expensive purchase, rarely used, will soon cost a third of the price you pay today.

Rule №2

Buy items that will free your time, will give you joy of the use of things. If your hobby is photography, buy a good camera, like sewing then choose sewing machine, auto enthusiasts need a good car. It will fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

Rule №3

Pay for services you need. By hiring an au pair or nanny, you free up your time to do business or working with the company with a good salary. Expenses will be justified, as you will earn much more than pay for the service.

Rule №4

You cannot save on your health. Resources of your body are not unlimited. Spending money on sports, wellness treatments, visiting a medical professional is always justified. Neglected diseases are more complex and more expensive to treat, and sometimes treatment is impossible. Travel, find sources of positive emotions in the life around, and go in for sports.

Rule №5

Do not skimp on food. Buy high-quality, useful products. This will help you stay healthy, fit and maintain good health. Eat more fruits and vegetables, limit salty, sweet, smoked and fatty foods. Visit a nutritionist, he will help you create an individual nutrition plan, will give the necessary recommendations.

Rule №6

Expenditure on the acquisition of property is justified; the acquisition of a holiday home or cottage will fit the fans of country life. Real estate is always possible to sell if you have purchased it in a beautiful location, close to the city. Housing must be in areas with developed infrastructure (roads, electricity, and telecommunications). Always with the big spending, ask yourself the question, if you would get more from it than spend. If we are talking about the quality of your life, you’ll be closer to your dream.

Rule №7

Invest in yourself, in your education, training in their chosen profession. The employer will pay you for your knowledge and skills, thus constantly improve your skills.

Rule №8

Everybody is familiar with the expression ‘money is spent like water in the sand’ when you do not know what they were spent for. You have to be able not only to earn but to spend money rationally. In Western Europe, where the husband and wife work, the family has a separate budget. The general family expenses are utility bills, children and food costs. The remaining money each spouse owns separately.

Rule №9

To control expenditures, you can use special computer programs (home bookkeeping) or simply write in a notebook the amount spent each month. This makes it possible to see what for and how the money is spent and to adjust expenses as needed.

Rule №10
There must be a reserve fund in case of job loss, sickness, death of loved ones and other incidental expenses. Money cannot be stored in the ‘stocking’, it need to generate income. Separate money on the parts, store one part in a deposit account in the national currency, and buy foreign currency, which is not exposed to the risk of devaluation, on another part.

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