The Benefits of Owning Microsoft and Apple Devices

The Benefits of Owning Microsoft and Apple Devices

There are many people who argue over Apple and Microsoft, and it can be a divisive topic. Tablets versus laptops has replaced the laptop versus desktop conversation, and much of this is still centered on Apple and Microsoft. People usually pick and learn one operating system, ignoring and disparaging the other. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Benefits of Owning Microsoft and Apple Devices

Apple and Microsoft operate differently, and so people find themselves naturally using the operating systems for different reasons. Many creative people, or those who are new to technology and need something intuitive, gravitate towards Apple products for their technology needs. Microsoft has been championed in the workplace and long associated with the office. But because technology has now permeated all aspects of our lives, it makes sense to have different devices for different uses.

Microsoft has dominated with its Office programs. Other companies have struggled to compete and even with the Windows 8 flop, Microsoft hasn’t fallen behind. Many find that Microsoft increases productivity, its familiar software enabling better, more efficient work. Having a Microsoft laptop or desktop means using programs that are widely compatible and well-known, making work easier.

But technology has gone beyond utility and is now firmly entrenched in the entertainment industry. Phones have now become height=”auto” entertainment devices and in this, Apple proves itself to be well-versed in people’s needs. They make access easy and simple. Apple excels in entertaining and providing the best devices for entertainment, but working on them can be frustrating and distracting.

Today, most people have multiple devices. Families have cellphones, computers, laptops and tablets. Technology has expanded, greatly reducing the cost and allowing more and more people access. But as this happens, there become height=”auto” clear divides between tech companies and where their abilities lie. Microsoft has long held the field of utility, focusing on this to the detriment other areas. But Apple, while fun and sometimes whimsical, dominates technology for entertainment and personal use. Working on Apple can be as difficult as playing on Microsoft. But as technology gets cheaper, you don’t have to choose anymore.

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