The best beaches of the Dominican Republic

The best beaches of the Dominican Republic

The coast of the Caribbean Sea as a whole and the islands of the Dominican Republic in particular attract tourists with consistently warm sunny weather throughout the year. Add fragrant tropical forests, gorgeous white beaches, historical monuments, to which the eyes of European tourists are not accustomed, exotic and unusual atmosphere of perpetual holiday and the vacation will be truly excellent.

The best beaches of the Dominican Republic

The coastal strip at a distance of 60 m from the sea – whether it is on the territory of a hotel or café – is public, something like the public domain, and on the institutionalized conditions. Activities available in this area are also to suit every taste, and the fact that there are no sharks because of the coral reefs, ensures safe swimming. What are the beaches of the Dominican Republic which deserve the most careful attention of the tourists?

Bavaro Beaches

The coastal area, which has a length of 3 km and covered with the snow-white coral sand which doesn’t heat at the sun and coconut groves, calm sea, fenced from surging waves by reefs and many hotels a little farther away from the beaches – it is a true paradise for relaxation. The water temperature here does not fall below 26 degrees and the sea depth does not exceed 1.5 m. The district

Bavaro is very clean. The personnel of hotels located within take care for the beaches. Walking is possible for everyone.

But do not forget that the use of sunbeds and parasols is allowed only to hotel guests – this is closely monitored by security. They try not to allow local residents, though here sometimes sellers of souvenirs and shells come. These beaches of the Dominican Republic are also a real present for lovers of water sports such as diving, snorkeling, parasailing, jet skis, canoeing. There are relatively quiet places for fishing. In short, everyone will be able to ‘catch’ a relaxation in the clean and picturesque environment.

The beaches of Casa de Campo

One of the most expensive areas of the Dominican Republic is available not only for visiting of international celebrities. On the local sandy beaches Julio Iglesias, Michael Jackson, Beyonce and other representatives of the stellar beau monde. In these places, there are many villas with bungalows, swimming pools, golf courses, riding stables, restaurants and other entertainment venues.

To get to the land of the Casa de Campo, you need to purchase a limited time map with marked route, which stretches quite far from stellar road. There is another option, involving a visit to Altos de Chavon – a mini-town, built on the type of the 16th century Italian village. You can visit the amphitheater, where the celebrities sing, restaurants and cafes, souvenir shops and a magnificent fountain.

Saona Island Beaches

Due to the abundance of amphibians and reptiles, parrots and other birds, beautiful flowers and trees that grow here in large numbers, Saona Island is included in Este reserve. Luxury beaches of the Dominican Republic are not built up with hotels: virginity of these places preserves from the time of opening the land by Columbus.

A pair of fishermen’s huts, the natural flora and fauna on the white sand – that’s all there is. The water is always warm and of beautiful emerald and turquoise shades. The island was once filmed in one of the advertisements on the chocolate bar ‘Bounty’. Having been here, you can see what its producers mean, talking about the ‘heavenly delight’.

In the Dominican Republic beaches are, literally, everywhere. There are elite, such as Cap Cana. There are also great places for diving and surfing, such as Boca Chica. Coastal water parks and bustling port towns for a fun holiday with friends are also interesting. All of them are united by one thing – vacationers alike wishing at least once in life to walk on white sand, inhaling the salty sea breeze and basking in the hot tropical sun!

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