The cat’s house: the rules of cleaning

The cat’s house: the rules of cleaning

Does a cal live in your house? Then you just need to pay attention to the following tips to help maintain optimum cleanliness. To ensure the order you will have to work hard, and if you know how to do it correctly, you can save significant time and then quietly spend your leisure with a favorite pet.


How to facilitate the cleaning?

It is desirable to prepare in advance to the appearance of the cat in a house. For a new tenant, you should get not only a tray, bowl and scratching post, but also a house or bed, where it will feel safe. If the animal has a private space, then it will not settle in different places in your apartment, and, consequently, the amount of hair on the chairs and sofas will reduce significantly.

In addition to this measure, you should also pay attention to those areas that your cat finds the most comfortable. Think maybe it prefers to sit for long periods on the window sill, basking on the battery, or frequently jumps on shelves and tables. Not far from these places, it is desirable to put wet wipes to immediately remove from them the marks of feet and sweep the hair. And if you clear the cluttered shelves, then cleaning will take much less time. Plus, in the cold season, the cat house is to move up a little closer to the heat source, reducing thus the number of potential areas for mandatory cleaning.

The smell

Quite often, when the smell appears in the house, the owners tend to blame the pets. But in fact the guilt is exclusively on the owners: did not clean the tray in time, did not clean the puddle well enough or even did not notice its appearance. But sometimes it happens that even with timely cleaning of the fluffy pet latrine ‘fragrances’ are not eliminated. In such situations, you must correctly choose the detergent and apply the most thorough approach to the cleaning.

Whichever cat toilet filling you use, it should be cleaned daily and solid excrement should be removed immediately. Even flavored filling is not able to fully absorb unpleasant odors left by your pet. Moreover, once or twice a month you should wash the tray using antibiotic. But at the same time make sure that the chosen remedy has not had very intense aroma, as many cats are quite capricious, and after using the ‘fragrant’ soap, they simply refuse to use their toilet and in the future ‘sin’ in the wrong places. If you do not use filler, the tray should be treated with an antibacterial agent and washed at least once a week.

There are situations when the animal defecates in some nook. It is very important to remove the puddle and eliminate odor in time, before it has soaked into the surface. Otherwise, the cat can equip a permanent toilet and it will be quite difficult to retrain it. Thus, remove the urine by means of paper napkins, but it is desirable to blotter it as when wiping the floor you risk to spread the moisture to a larger area. Now, take a washcloth and cleanser, clean the surface from the stain, and then process it with fermented preparation. It remains only to neutralize the smell with air freshener.


To handle the place where the cat has gone out of necessity, it is not recommended to use perfumes, since they only mask the smell, but do not eliminate it.

Some people prefer to use chlorine-based products, acetone or turpentine, based on the fact that their pungent aroma guarantees to scare the animal. But at the same time such owners forget about the dangers of these products. Also, one should not clean with ammonia products, since their smell can be similar to the smell of urine, and thus, they will not correct the situation, but rather, will only aggravate it.

If you’ve found ‘traces of the crime’ on the carpet, the cleaning will be required not only by the front side, but the wrong one too. And do not forget to clean the area where the carpet is additionally. It is better to rewash or throw away the small rug and buy a new one.

But what do you do if there is no professional product for the moment, but trouble has happened? Here come the folk recipes. It is quite simple to remove the puddle using a standard detergent diluted in a little water. And in order to remove odor, use alkaline solutions or glycerin. The lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, and an aqueous solution of vinegar, iodine and potassium permanganate have shown excellent results.

If you have found the dried puddle, it should be pre-soaked and only then removed. But here the owners need to remember that there may be several such dried-up ‘troubles’ in the apartment, and very often they appear in those apartments whose owners are constantly absent during the day. In this case, you can buy a voodoo lamp; it exudes a special light in which the dry urea crystals appear quite clearly, and thus, you will not miss any puddles.


Long-haired cats are very cute, but at the same time they, and, more precisely, their splendid ‘coat’, delivers the greatest number of troubles. The wool is absolutely everywhere, that is why you have to clean very often. In this issue a powerful vacuum cleaner with different attachments will help greatly: one attachment cleans the floor, the second – the carpet, the third – the furniture. This unit is able to clean the wool from the apartment in minutes and clean absolutely any surface from smooth to hairy. In conclusion, it is desirable to walk around the apartment with a spray to ‘nail’ the hair rose in the air and then sweep it with a broom. And to clean stuffed toys and clothing, it is desirable to use a roller with sticky or velvet tape.

However, in addition to the above standard fixtures for cleaning, there are quite a few other devices. However, some of them have a specific destination. For example, there are devices that are easy to clean the floor and other smooth surfaces, while others are the most effectively in removing the hair from carpets and even bedding. So before you buy, it is better to determine where you are going to use them exactly. However, the market can help to find universal device.


The turbo brush, which sucks the dust, dirt and hair from the most inaccessible places, has shown itself pretty well. And the best option for cleaning the house, where the cat lives, is the vacuum cleaners with filters of high purity. These devices capture the tiny hairs and do not throw them back into the air in the course of further work.

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