The country in 50 years. United Arab Emirates

The country in 50 years. United Arab Emirates

Clear blue water … White sand beaches … Unique buildings … What is better way to relax? We invite you to the land of sand – the United Arab Emirates.

The country in 50 years. United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates (UAE) – ‘Country of Sheikhs’, which is among the five most advanced countries of the world.

For today ‘Country of Sands’ is one of the most visited places on the globe. Each Emirate (there are 7 of them) has a certain color of its sand. For 50 years the United Arab Emirates were able to combine a gorgeous nature, hospitality and the highest level of service, enabling the country to develop fast many types of tourism.

The unique buildings, parks and green spaces in the sandy region – this is the result of human work and effort.

You’ll never be disappointed with the weather in this country as the beach season lasts 360 days, and a huge range will delight you and your loved ones!

A small number of countries can compete with the UAE level, quality and variety of entertainment. The water parks, zoos, children’s clubs and centers are waiting for the children, adults can visit the unique ski resort which is … in the desert!

Each country has its own culture. It is known that the United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country. It is forbidden to be on the street in a drunken state (it is threatened with imprisonment) or be dressed provocatively (more concerned with women). During Ramadan – the great Muslim holiday – eating and drinking in the street are strictly prohibited. For violation of the rules there is a fine of around $ 800.

The country in which the crime is virtually eliminated as it is punished by strict laws. It is perfectly safe to be in the United Arab Emirates both day and night, because of the complete absence of poverty and crime. Local residents are non-aggressive their attitude towards other nations is good.

As a gift the gold, fur and sweets are taken from this country. All these things can be bought in shopping malls or in the markets; be sure to bargain at markets as this will show your respect to the seller. It is possible to buy goods cheap only during a total sales or shopping festival in February, at other times it will cost you an arm and leg.

Agree that the country is contrasting and interesting enough. They set themselves in just 50 years! Each year, it surprises the world with its innovations and achievements.

Persian Gulf … Fun for the whole family … Unforgettable vacation … Have you already convinced that you’ve been dreaming about vacation in the UAE?

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