The Crimea: on a Level with Foreign Resorts

The Crimea: on a Level with Foreign Resorts

Nowadays the Crimean resorts become more and more popular and in-demand. Sights, beaches, different holiday resorts almost in every part of the peninsula will make your trip exciting and unforgettable. You’ll be surprised at reasonable prices of private guest houses. You’ll have an opportunity to rent a room, a flat or even a cottage. It’s like some low-budget alternative but for those who aspire after excellent conveniences there are many hotels with magnificent rooms. Everyone will find something to her or his taste.

The Crimea on a Level with Foreign Resorts

You’ll like the surroundings of eastern Crimean seacoast where semisavanna meets the mountains creating beautiful and inimitable landscapes. Sand and pebble beaches with shells wait for tourists. Pheodosiya and the suburbs will show you the broadest sand coast line that is famous with its Golden Beach. You can admire wonderful sand in Cape Kazantip (Shchelkino) located at the Azov seaside. The unique and very beautiful Kerchen Peninsula located between two seas will give you a unique opportunity to visit two different coasts. The city itself, Kerch, with its suburbs will pamper you with historical monuments.

The South Coast of the Crimea will gladden you with the most popular resort area of the peninsula. The holiday resorts on this coast are located alongside. The clean sea, pebble beaches, the high Crimean mountains will leave a wonderful impression, you also can enjoy opulent vegetation of subtropics. There is only one disadvantage: the prices are highest in Crimea.

Sevastopol isn’t a resort city but it doesn’t lose its ground. It’s located between the South and the West Crimean coasts. Tourists are expected to enjoy sand and pebble beaches, historical monuments and exciting emotions.

The West Coast of Crimea will gladden you with its reasonable prices because they are much less than in other peninsula regions. It’s worth noting Yevpatoria, the popular resort which is in-demand since the Soviet period. The city is considered to be the historical center, it’s almost 2 500 years old and it’s recently developed so much. Cape Tarkhankut is an enchanting and unique place. The clean sea and splendid sand beaches will leave only good impressions. The transport center of the Crimea is Simferopol, from there any part of the seacoast is easy to gain. You can gain the Crimea from the largest cities either by car or by plane. Here you can take a taxi or a bus.

If you visit this place once, you’ll want get back here again and again.

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