The elegant style in clothes

The elegant style in clothes

Elegance is a feature of queens and aristocrats. Accuracy, perfection, self-control these are the main qualities of their style. Anyone can be like them, putting some effort and cultivate one’s taste.

The elegant style in clothes

Secrets of the elegant style in clothes

Fashion is not mathematics. There is no exact formula for creating the perfect image. It is important to express own individuality, to show a sense of style, guided by simple rules:

1. Always well-groomed and perfectly fitting clothes. Elegant dress in the first place should be neat. Do not wear wrinkled, torn, stained or stretch clothing. Worn heels, wear on the shoes or bag are not allowed. The elegance starts with confidence in every detail of the wardrobe.

2. The correct color. Elegance is not only strict suits in black and white. Other low-key tones are accepted. All shades of blue will look appropriate in marine style. The evening image will be complemented by the noble saturated colors. The main thing is to choose colors which are able to combine with each other.

3. The image may not be complete without accessories. Well-chosen details will complement any ensemble. But they should be concise, low-key and match the image. There should not be much of accessories and jewelry. The classic clutch or accurate bag, gloves appropriate to the case, a light scarf, thin belt, feminine umbrella – all this can be called elegant. But you will have to choose one, two subjects maximum. White pearls necklace, elegant stud earrings will fit if speaking about jewelry.

4. It is necessary to properly apply yourself. It is difficult to imagine aristocrat without the manners. Well educated woman does not allow herself rudeness or vulgarity. Arrogance is also not suitable for elegant image. Straight posture, confident smooth walk, self-restraint and the right manners will emphasize the elegant femininity.

5. To be well-groomed is an integral part of elegance. Whatever stylish would be the outfit, mangy nail polish or bad breath will spoil the image irreparably. The state of your body must be constantly monitored. Elegant lady would not allow herself to go in public without makeup and with tousled hair. But the make-up must match the setting. Nude style is perfect for everyday life. A brighter image of the evening involves emphasized eyes or lips.

Elegant clothes

Choice of clothes in the chosen style is simple, if you abandon the screaming colors and prints, too much openness and undue negligence. Preference should be given to natural materials and classic style.

Not only a business suit and column dress look elegant. Casual and sportswear can also match the style. Pay attention to the aristocratic sports (tennis, polo, horse riding). The bright capris can be combined with polo shirts. In the cold weather knitted sweater or jacket with ornament of rhombuses will be appropriate, and in the heat for the rest you can pick up free shorts or a tennis skirt.

Chosen clothes should match the figure, create a strict, semi fitted silhouette and have clean lines. Elegant style takes into account age, social status and the environment. If every detail looks appropriate and beautiful, then the overall image will be harmonious and will remain long in the memory.

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