The Features of the October Wedding

The Features of the October Wedding

Some newly-married couples often choose mid-autumn to hold a wedding. October is the most picturesque autumn month: crystal-clear sky, golden sun, trees with colourful leaves… The atmosphere is fabulous, the mood is excellent, it’s still warm and September hassle is left behind. For these reasons, the wedding held in October has all chances to be called as the most beautiful and memorable celebration.


The Advantages of the October Wedding

No other month is notable for such a rich colour palette when everywhere the green grass can be seen through the bright colourful foliage and handsome maples are coloured with all shades of red, orange, golden and brown. In mid autumn everybody wishes to walk along lush parks as long as possible scuffling on chirring leaves. And this atmosphere is the most appropriate for the wedding.

Just imagine how successful the photo-session and the walk with family and friends would be.

The October wedding lets a bride to create an unusual bouquet and it’s rather relevant to add big maple leaves to it. Similarly, groom and the beat men’s boutonnieres can be created.

In mid autumn the newly-weds have a unique opportunity to decorate the banquet hall in a special way with seasonal fruit, vegetables and dry arrangements with spikelets and leaves. Here you also can pay special attention to the range of flowers that becomes especially diverse in October. Seasonal floral arrangements are unbelievably beautiful and not so expensive.


Only the October weather can play a nasty joke on the couple. In mid autumn the weather is not stable and often brings many surprises. But any disadvantage can be easily transformed into great benefit. First of all, it should be taken into account that the gloomy weather is the most favourable for photo-sessions as it allows to take successful pictures from absolutely any angles.

What else? Low air temperature? But it is the obvious advantage to the bride as it provides a possibility of wider choice of dresses. And if there is the high probability of rainfall, it’s better to intend to hold the wedding indoors. This way you’ll protect all people from heavy rain and other bad weather conditions.

If it is cold in October, it is the perfect excuse to have a wedding aperitif as mulled wine. Even if your guests can get cold on the way to the banquet hall, this aromatic drink will definitely warm up everybody and cheer them up. You also should think about warm plaids and woolen shawls which can become additional bonuses on your autumn wedding. Find inspiration from nature, surprise your guests and your celebration will be bright and memorable.

How to Hold the Wedding: the Choice of Themes

It’s rather difficult to predict the weather in mid autumn and due to this not everyone intends to picnic in the countryside at this time. The wedding is often held indoors but it doesn’t reduce an amount of opportunities: the choice of scenarios is still quite huge.

The trendiest wedding theme is the wedding in traditional style. October lets you implement such idea more fully. Mid-autumn is the sweetest and freshest honey, traditional bagels and golden cutlery on the table. Such props are ideal for the October photo-session and you are guaranteed to have excellent pictures of yourself – the young married couple – as well as guests. Moreover, if you use traditional costumes and invite some original entertainers, you’ll have the adventure of a lifetime. Just imagine how marvelous traditional costumes on the background of rich decoration of the autumn nature would look! The vivid energy is guaranteed!


In October the wedding can be held in style of golden autumn celebration. In this case, you are free in choosing the theme and relying on your imagination. The festive table as well as the banquet hall is decorated in fruit style: small bouquets in usual autumn colours, acorns, nuts and other natural seasonal «accessories» are often used. And if you wish to do this with your own hands, then your wedding will become unique and inimitable. The golden autumn celebration is a photo-session in the crimson park, fresh flowers in floral decorations, yellow leaves in bride and her friends’ hair. You can use natural materials to decorate not only the banquet hall but also the place of the main ceremony, for example, if the weather allows you to hold the wedding outdoors, you even can decorate the arch with fresh floristry. Golden autumn colours will make your celebration additional luxury and elegant and will turn the wedding into the splendid event of high society.


The retro-style is very popular too but precisely in October it looks more harmonious and worthwhile. Here you should move away from the traditions a little bit: the bride’s dress should be as plain as possible and a cute hat with an elegant eye veil becomes a mandatory element. In this case it’s also worth putting on high guipure gloves and a lush fur cloak. You can use feathers and big bright fallen leaves as accessories. The groom can choose the brighter suit and lacquered shoes.

How to Make Wedding Invitations

Any wedding must be thought out in details, although for many newly-weds invitations are not a trifle. They try to put a part of the soul in this small neat envelope and share happiness and joy with loved ones. This plain card is the first representation of the forthcoming celebration. So how can you make wedding invitations in October? One thing is certain, you must avoid standard forms. It’s autumn, ladies and gentlemen! Do not even think of plain and boring cards!


Here you can express your creativity entirely. Autumn invitations will be the real masterpiece with taste and feeling. Start with an original shape, for example, of raindrop or maple leaf. Here you can combine shades, add some decorative elements, e.g. chestnuts, nuts, fruit, etc.

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