The glass ceiling in the interior is original, stylish and solid!

The glass ceiling in the interior is original, stylish and solid!

If during the repairs you don’t want to make a ceiling surfaces in the common ways, it’s time to turn to the glass ceiling. It’s quite unusual and extraordinary decision in the interior, moreover, it allows to visually enlarge the room settings, emphasizing the modern design.

The glass ceiling in the interior is original, stylish and solid

Glass ceiling: the main varieties
The assumption that any glass is a fragile material is wrong. There are varieties which are successfully used to create a ceiling. You can use a frosted or mirror glass. Glass ceilings with lightning are also quite popular.

Black gloss has a good mirror effect. In contrast to the natural mirror, its reflection wouldn’t be so clear. Another one common option is the glass with photo printing: from the simple paintings to the entire works of art or family photos.

Stained glass ceiling also looks impressive, though you should try hard to build it. Of course, it may be not suitable to any design, but it has good strength and looks beautiful.
The disadvantages of the glass ceiling in the interior

The glass used in the decoration of the suspended ceilings, combines both fragility and hardness. Glass is not easily handled; it is difficult to cut and drill, so such things usually should be done by professionals with considerable experience.

You should pay close attention to the frame for installing glass panels, because they are heavy. All fasteners must be especially robust, so that none of the panels fell to the floor and crashed, hurting someone in the room.

Perhaps the pricing of the ceiling means not the less, because it is made of not the cheapest materials.

Advantages of glass for the ceiling design

If the glass ceiling doesn’t undergo any physical tests, it can last for many years. It’s also important that it’s not threatened by changes of temperature and humidity.

If you compare glass and the transparent plastic, the first material is much better. You can safely choose the lighting, that will not cause overheating – it might be only the sharp drop of the temperature. Thus, it’s advisable to choose halogen of incandescent bulbs. Even if you don’t use the backlights, glass ceiling in the interior look quite fascinating. Designer prefer to work with such variants, because it helps to visually enlarge the wall.

Care for glass ceiling doesn’t require much effort: it’s enough to wipe with a regular sponge and any cleaner. It’s not forbidden to install such surfaces even in the bathroom, because the permanent condensation of damage from moisture don’t threat to it.

After reading all the pros and cons of glass ceiling, you need to think about whether you should buy it for a particular room. In the case of the positive decision, it’s better to seek the assistance of experienced professional who perform quality installation on the shortest possible time.

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