The interior decoration in the green tones

The interior decoration in the green tones

No one will dispute that the green’s tones make the good influence on the mental and emotional state of the person. The green’s tones are the range of plants, the spring blossom. Emerald, malachite, mint and grass are the tones of green color that make the internality be in the special comfort and vivacity. As the specialists say, the using of the tones of green is the main condition for the living-rooms in which there is defects in the atmosphere.


During the decoration of the sitting-room the green tones should be used fragmentarily, otherwise the shades will be too restful. It’s unacceptable for the sitting-room. You can use the soft furniture in the green colors, but in this case the room must be decorated in the neutral tones. If the room was decorated in the pastel shades, you can use window shades, vases and the decoration accessories in the green tones. Otherwise you can match light-blue and green for the decoration of the sitting-room. Most people think that such match is disharmonious but it’s only misapprehension.

If the green uses in the bedroom, it will be the best to match it with the pastel colors or the cyan color. Such match will calm and help to have a good rest. To make the interior decoration in this way you should pay attention on the shades combinations. If you want to decorate the bedroom in the actinic green color, you should take into account the intensity scale of the room. If the windows in the room aren’t overlook the south, it will be more right to use the light tones.

The attractive and innovative variant of interior decoration of the room is the design where one wall is the rich bright-green, and the others are tender green. In this way all attention will be on the one wall, that make your room more original and unique. The best decision is to decorate your bedroom in the chocolate-green colors. Such combination makes the hard interior. The furniture is made in the brown tones and lodged in the green room.

Such variant is the best for the office or sitting-room. The green color is universal and spreading. In the right doses it makes the interior decoration of the room calm and comfortable. The tones of green also have the relax effect.

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