The interior in the Italian style

The interior in the Italian style

The interior, decorated in Italian style, harmoniously combines the elegance, luxury, refined features and originality. And no wonder, because the country, which gave rise to this style, is considered to be the capital of design excellence. And the ability of native Italians to save the old customs makes this style more mysterious and unique over the years.

The interior in the Italian style

Italian style skillfully combines unusual design ideas, while maintaining the classic feeling of comfort and aesthetics. This style in the interior, in fact, is able to transform any, even a tiny apartment, to a real icon of style. This design is based on impeccable taste and standard principles of classics.

The characteristic features of Italian style are:
– Natural shades of beige, olive, yellow and terracotta colors;
– Natural stone and wood are the main materials used in the design;
– Antiques;
– Expensive furniture made of dark wood with forged iron ornaments;
– Light carpets with long nap;
– Fabric wall hangings, drapery, translucent curtains;
– Suspended ceilings perfectly fit into such an interior;
– Plastered walls, exquisite moldings;
– Stylized natural floor covering.

Extremely important is the use of a variety of interior decorative elements. Such interior can be decorated with the help of glass vases, forged-iron candlesticks, family photos, floor clocks, avant-garde paintings.

Objects of upholstered furniture in the Italian style usually have leather trim. The most commonly used is the snow-white skin.

In the arrangement of the Italian interior, as well as any other style, you can allow some exceptions. For example, if you want this kind of design can be emotional and expressive with the help of eye-catching, rich colors. Lavender, sky blue, red, orange and green colors look pretty good at the interior. And wanting more natural design, the interior can be filled with plants and sunlight.

The house, decorated in the Italian style, is filled with romance and aristocracy. This interior may look strict, practical, and quite warm, friendly.
Italian style epitomizes the beauty and splendor of Mediterranean interiors.

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