The interior in the youth style

The interior in the youth style

The interior in the youth style demonstrates the human desire for self-expression, freedom and constant dynamics. And even it is preferred mostly by young people, the main role is played not by the age but state of mind.

The interior in the youth style

The brightness and originality
The young person, who is often in condition of life search, does not drive himself into the framework of classical styles. Furniture and decoration create a comfortable environment for him or her exactly.

There is no limit on colors – the most vivid and crazy colors can be used, but it should be remembered that the acidic tone can be annoying and does not improve the mood, as planned, and even worsen it. Bright accents are always diluted with neutral colors that room would not look overloaded.

All the decorative elements used are not of impersonal character; they are needed to remind of some events and evoke emotions, so the vertical surfaces, reserved specifically for making a collage of photos and other memorabilia of evidence, can be seen in the interior.

Apart from the fact that the room of a young person is filled with a variety of modern technical devices, which perhaps the most honorable place are assigned for, all the furniture is often made in an almost minimalist style, it serves primarily for its intended purpose and only in a very small degree plays a decorative role. For example, preference is given to the open shelves, where every thing is always at hand and in sight, but not to a chest of drawers and cabinets with doors. Computer chair is also not required to enter the style, the main thing is comfort.


The interior in the youth style there are no pretentious decor elements – everything seeks the principle of “necessary and sufficient’. The walls are usually covered with monophonic material. Usually these are the classic options: wallpaper, paint. The furniture is usually modern of metal, plastic and glass materials. In general, the furniture is limited to the strict geometric lines, but textile items such as soft colorful ottomans create comfort.

Such simplicity is also associated with the need for cleaning; it takes less time, and more time is left for more interesting things.

Open space

It means more freedom of movement: increases your movement speed; it can be used for physical exercise and other activities, and most importantly it allows you to gather a large group of friends.
The maximum structuring of place serves the aim of the liberation of space, for example, flat cabinets, shelves in the wall length or closets are used.

Looking at the room, decorated in a similar style, you can tell a lot about its owner: about hobbies, tastes, perhaps, life priorities. Every corner of the room is saturated with individuality and is never impersonal.

Sometimes interior in the youth style and the interior in the loft style are equal. Indeed, in the youth interior to a greater or lesser degree may appear loft features, especially because there is a lot of common: these are bright sofas, cushions, chairs, and large open spaces and minimalism. And most important is the focus on self-expression and creativity.

Youth style in the interior, which has incorporated many of the features of other modern styles, is suitable for people of any age who do not plan to grow old with heart and soul and seek to express themselves as much as possible, including through the interior.

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