The lace motifs in interior design

The lace motifs in interior design

Lace is one of the materials that does not leave interior designers without attention. It is believed that lace was invented in Belgium, where it was only used as decoration for clothing of rich people.

The lace motifs in interior design

Nowadays, however, the lace can be seen not only on curtains and bedspreads, but also as elements of furniture, lamps, floor lamps, stairs and even in the bathroom…

There are no limits in using of it. The designers do not stop on the traditional white color and add colored lace to the interior. For example, curtains and bedspreads with black, burgundy and dark blue laces in the bedroom blend with the shades and furniture of the same color, and it sets off the bright colors from the walls and floor. In addition, using a special technique, furniture can be decorated like it’s all made of fishnet fabric.

Effective painting with florid openwork pattern is traditionally used for table cloths and napkins. Cushion chairs or pillowcases on the pillows look great with a similar pattern. All items can be the same color or adjusted to match the furniture.

Designing exquisite interiors, designers boldly use lace fabric lamps and floor lamps. And it’s not accidental – the light, passing through the gaps between the threads, scatters and creates unique mysterious figures on the walls, floor and ceiling. In addition, candlesticks in the form of glass cups, decorated with delicate laces, look originally. These candlesticks can be made by yourself, thereby you’ll decorate bedroom or nursery.

Another unusual use of lace patterns is the wall murals with the images of fabric or its individual elements. It can be real, knitted or woven products, placed in the frame or image.

Often the lace motifs can be found in design of wood or even iron wrought staircases, bookshelves, clocks, picture frames and so on. These products are real works of art and they transform any space into a fabulous house.

As for the bathrooms, the braided patterns can be found on any items and accessories, from sinks and baths and finishing with the washcloth or cup for the toothbrush.

Thus, lace is one of those fabrics, that easily fits into any interior. The main thing, that is should be really appropriate, and its use was reasonable.

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